Winter Solstice Spiral Liturgy: Day 10, The Ferryman

a three armed spiral with the words "Winter Solstice Spiral Liturgy" at the center, with a line drawing of a storm cloud below the spiral, a fire to the right of the spiral, and waves to the left of the spiral. There are 7 dots on each arms of the spiral to mark where the candles go.

Day 10: The Ferryman

You will need:

  • 10 candles
  • Optional: omen set
  • Optional: offerings for Gatekeeper, Three Kindreds, and Being of the Occasion

*ritual to be done at or after sunset*

I stand rooted deep in the earth and looking to the sky, seeking to find the light within the dark. I ask that my words be sweet as I speak, and that my voice and intent sink into the well, to resound in the deep, and float up on pillar of smoke to the heavens.

Gatekeeper, standing now at the Center of Worlds, carry my voice that the spirits may hear my words and see my heart. May the Ancestors who went before know my love. May the Nature Spirits all around know my gratitude. May the Shining Ones who share their wisdom and love know my devotion. Three Kindreds, be with me as I navigate this liminal time between the end of the year and the beginning of the new. The Storms of winter melt to give way to the Waters so that the Fire may be born.

With each passing day as the night grows longer, I add more light to drive away the shadows, and remember the gifts the season brings.

I have called to the Spirits through the Darkness, and now I call again to them that they may stand with me to remember the Light.

To The Destroyer, bring your light *light candle*

To Solitude, bring your light *light candle*

To The Winds of Change, bring your light *light candle*

To Nourishing Rains, bring your light *light candle*

To Clear Skies, bring your light *light candle*

To Justice, bring your light *light candle*

To The Winner of Waters, bring your light *light candle*

To The Waters of Blessing, bring your light *light candle*

To The Waters of Purification, bring your light *light candle*

Within the Waters, I see The Ferryman. Be with me as I ignite this flame for you. Stand with me and help me to see the gifts you bring to the season. Guide across the river of the Dead. You who carry our beloveds and us as we cross over. Shrouded, both stern and caring. From rushing stream to raging sea. It is to you I call out, and to you I sing praises. Ferryman, bless me with your wisdom. Show me how to bring your aspects into my life during this time of darkness. Show me how your aspects aid in the return of the light. *take an omen if you feel called to do so, reflect on it and on the aspects of the spirit. Think on how you can apply them to your life* Ferryman, Thank you for your presence here and for the further wisdom you’ve bestowed. *snuff candle, or if you have a safe place to remain attentive to the candle, allow it to burn down*

Spirits all, for being with me as I light a candle to drive away the dark, I thank you.   Gatekeeper, for carrying my words, and for guiding me through this liminal time, I thank you.

Now, I remember my connection to the earth, that I may be grounded in this place. May I be enriched by this ritual, by the knowledge I’ve gained, and by the blessings I’ve received. It is time now to go in peace, and remember the gifts of the season.


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