Candidate Biographies 2019


Rev. Melissa Ashton

Rev. Melissa S Ashton, MNM
Candidate for Archdruid

Now more than ever is the time for us to consider how our infrastructure does—or does not—provide us with legitimacy and a solid foundation as an organization in the greater pagan community, both in the United States and across the world. With representatives in many countries, including ordained priests, we are in need of revitalizing and updating our administrative documents and structure to better enable us to grow and evolve with the changing times.

I have been an ADF member for over ten years and during that time served in multiple leadership positions from officer roles in guilds, kins, and orders to appointed positions in the publishing arm—even serving on the Mother Grove as Members Advocate. I completed a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management specifically focusing on ADF as my reference organization, studying and weighing all our programs, processes, and documentation against industry standards and best practices and discovering how those serve to make ADF who she is. I have learned the many things we are doing right as well as where we have opportunities for improvement at the organizational level while still holding to our sacred practices.

I have completed a variety of our study programs and obtained second circle in the Clergy Counil as well as been Initiated, so I know how important our study programs are to a well-informed spiritual path. I have conducted rituals, provided teachings and trainings, and served the folk through my ministry, magic, music, and administrative skills. Now, I want to do even more for ADF as a whole.

I’ve practiced as a solitary, been a member of three groves, and traveled to many events in the US and in Canada, presenting, performing, leading ritual, and most importantly, learning from the good folk of ADF. I decided to accept when I was nominated after prayer and reflection, because I have a vision for what ADF can be again in the pagan community at large. We have a beautiful community, and if we put the strength of the parent organization behind some of our opportunities and the work our local leaders are doing, we can return ADF to the list of the most respected organizations in polytheism.

If elected, I plan to engage the folk in the following areas, among others:

  • Updating the administrative documentation for the parent organization
  • Revising the structure of the Board of Directors
  • Completing the SWOT analysis and implementing a formal strategic plan
  • Revising some of the study programs in need of updating
  • Updating the recommended reading lists for ADF and subgroups with study programs
  • Providing formal educational opportunities through a platform such as Google Classroom for students who wish to have instructors rather than rely upon self-directed study
  • Engaging in more technology to provide real-time access to our leaders for the folk such as online Great Hall meetings with the Mother Grove and eventually streaming ritual for high days and other events
  • Creating a formal Code of Conduct to increase our commitment to a culture of consent where speaking up is expected and encouraged
  • Continuing work on developing right relationship with humanity through education on diversity, inclusivity, and the rights of indigenous peoples, including how this work is relevant to Our Druidry on a larger scale
  • Investigating and beginning work to formalize ADF in other countries so that our ordained priests may serve with the full complement of privileges available to other clergy in their countries

ADF has long been my spiritual home. It is through ADF that I found the path to my Ancestors, learned to work in partnership with the land spirits and the Earth Mother, amplified my connections to the Deities, and found my heart family. The folk of ADF have taught me to be a better version of myself, and I commit to doing all I can to return this gift, if I am elected, through administrative, educational, and spiritual leadership. May the Spirit of ADF and the Flame of Hope guide us to health and success as an organization.

Rev. Jean Pagano (Drum)

late response received

I first joined ADF as one of the very early members in 1984.  At that time, ADF was still a vision of what was to come.   I have followed that dream for 35 years, sometimes as a member of a grove, and others as a solitary member.  I have devoted much of my life to this organization. Outside of ADF, I have several degrees in Philosophy, as well as a degree in Computer Science. I live in Ohio, but spend much of my time travelling to meet our membership.

I am proud to be an active part of the leadership of this organization.  Being part of leadership gives a person a unique perspective and I use that perspective to try to make ADF a better place for everyone.  I have served as a member of the Mother Grove for a number of years. I have represented our membership as Chief of the Council of Regional Druids, Vice Archdruid, and now your current Archdruid. I have been honored to serve with a number of skilled and dedicated Mother Grove members who have made the process of improvement better and more interactive.

During my first term as Arch Druid, we have made many positive changes in ADF, many of them based on suggestions that we have received from the Folk. We have opened avenues of communication, offered a Consent Culture course to our leadership and Clergy, and have plans to extend that training to our Senior Druids this year.

As Archdruid, I have spent about 30 weekends a year on the road representing ADF to both our members and other Neopagans, wherever they may be. I have built bridges to other organizations and offered rituals and workshops in the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, and Europe. I work hard to make sure everyone knows that ADF is an international Druid Fellowship and not just a regional organization.

Additionally, I have completed many of the ADF Study Programs, and completed courses in many others. I believe the Study Programs are some of the great hidden treasures that are available to our membership and I want to experience them for myself to be able to share those gifts with others. I think the Dedicant Program is an excellent introduction and want to make it accessible to more people.

I am a Senior Priest and an Initiate.  I am also an ADF Master Bard and have published four books since earning that title including a book of devotionals for the Earth Mother that includes Philip Carr-Gomm and Damh the Bard of OBOD and Kristoffer Hughes of the Anglesey Druid Order. My most recent books, Saule and the Sunrise and Saule and the Sunset, were published by ADF Press in 2018.  I also write blogs for Patheos Pagan and articles for Oak Leaves and other publications.

I have partnered with various other Druid groups through membership and interaction.  I have appeared as featured speaker for festivals and gatherings around the world, giving me the opportunity to tell people about ADF and our practices.

I want to continue my work for the membership of ADF by pledging to:

  • Move forward with the soon to be released action plan from the SWOT analysis. I will suggest that we do a SWOT every three years as a way to gauge our success.
  • Undertake an organization review at the end of this year
  • Develop and update our process documentation throughout the organization
  • Complete the upgrade of our website.  Our website has long been in need of upgrading and we recently engaged a Project Manager to run this process. We expect to be done this year.
  • Continue rolling out Consent Culture materials to leadership and eventually to our membership. I hope to develop an in-house program that anyone can access at any time.
  • Review our course material from Dedicant Program forward. We have some of the best Study Programs anywhere. I believe that establishing a standard review process of these programs will keep them up to date and vital.
  • Continue to offer both opportunities for members and leadership to share their skills via You Tube, live-stream, or publication, both online and in print. We may not be able to build a temple in every city, but we can offer content to the world.
  • Show our practice and our devotion to others in the Neopagan community. Our work offer others a glimpse of what we do and what they can accomplish with us.
  • Put forward media resources to allow solitary members to feel that they are a part of the whole and not alone.
  • Remember that leadership must be in service to all members and to the Earth Mother and Kindreds as well.

ADF is my home. I believe in the Earth Mother, the Spirits of Inspiration, the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Shining Ones as real entities worthy of offerings, sacrifice, and devotion. I will continue to bring my hands, my heart, and my head to the work of ADF and ADF’s works to the neopagan community. I wish to thank all of those who have been a part of the ever-expanding experience that is ADF. I ask for your support in this election to continue the work that is ahead.

I believe Archdruid is a verb, not a noun.  The title you receive is far less important than the action you take while wearing it, and I am proud of the active role I have taken as head of ADF.

Member’s Advocate:

Sara Finn

Greetings! My name is Sadie De Finney, but most know me by my religious name, Sarah Finn (also my Facebook name, feel free to private message me with questions).  I have been in ADF since 2006 and am the Senior Druid of Red Maple Grove in Ottawa, Canada. I would like to thank Desiree Amber Cook for her exemplary service as Members Advocate for five years. As this is the first time I am running for a position at this level, I will include more details as a way for ADF members to get a better idea of my background.  To see my responses to the candidate questions, go here.

Brigette Evans

Greetings! I have accepted a nomination to be MA. I have been an active member of ADF since 2010. I’m currently a solitary and am located in Florida. I was previously the coordinator for the ADF-Parents SIG and have rarely contributed to both the podcast and Oak Leaves.

I was an active duty military spouse for 10 years and have lived in Germany as well as multiple states in the US. This gives me a valuable perspective on navigating multiple cultures and groups simultaneously. I have experience volunteering as well as working with people from a variety of backgrounds successfully.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in my professional life. I have completed verbal de-escalation training as well as diversity training. I look forward to the chance to bring my knowledge and skills for advocacy and mediation to the position.

Erin Fallath

My name is Erin Fallath, and I’m running for Members Advocate. I’m a 13-year ADF member and a member of Three Cranes Grove in Columbus, Ohio since 2012, but I’ve been involved in that grove since 2007. My physical distance from my grove means that I have also cultivated a strong solitary practice. I completed the Dedicant Path work in 2012 and have since begun work on the Initiate Program. I am also currently serving as Polemarkhos (Secretary) of Oi Asproi Koukouvayies, the White Owls Kin. In addition to my work with ADF, I also previously served as a co-leader of the Thiasos of the Starry Bull, a Dionysian tradition.

Professionally, I am licensed as a Professional Clinical Counselor and Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor in Ohio, and I currently spend my work hours with a small private practice in my now-hometown of Mason, Ohio. As part of that work, I’ve fostered special interest and skill working with minority populations, particularly the local LGBTQ+ community and those impacted by financial, racial, religious, or other discrimination. Alongside my professional work, I also help administrate a Discord (chat/social) server for LGBTQ+ folks from a broad array of backgrounds. Those moderation duties primarily include conflict resolution, discussion and updating of server regulations, and as part of the admin team, ensuring that all users feel welcome, heard, and a part of the larger community.

I strongly believe that the position of Member’s Advocate is rooted in principals of empathy, compassion, fairness, and assertiveness. These are all skills I seek to practice and embody in my professional and personal life, as they form the foundation for my own values. I have made a point of seeking out information to fairly represent and understand all sides of various positions, and that level-headedness and patience has served me well in my endeavors. I have developed a talent for swimming against the current when needed to ensure that fair representation and understanding win the day. I have always and will always maintain that ADF’s greatest asset is our diversity, and that diversity must be seen and heard to root us in our pursuit of excellence.

As Member’s Advocate, I will work to ensure that all ADF members have a voice that will be heard. Understanding and compassion must exist across all levels of ADF leadership and membership, from the brand-new solitary to the Archdruid. I will seek out truth and fairness in my dealings and reserve my own judgment until compromise can be reached. My assertiveness will allow me to take a stand even if that stand is unpopular and provide representation for all of us. I believe I will serve well as a voice for our members, and I appreciate your consideration for this position. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at lysiosdruid @

Non-Officer Director:

Desiree Cook

I’m running for non-officer director. I joined ADF in 2007. I’ve been a leader in ADF since my beginning. First locally as a founding officer of Cedarsong Grove, later as their Senior Druid then continuing as Members’ Advocate (MA) for the organization. I’ve spent five years on the Mother Grove as MA. I’ve loved my time as MA but feel it is time to let someone else fill that role.

If you’ve read the Mother Grove (MG) discussion logs, you’ll know I have spent my time on the board advocating for our membership. When there was talk of limiting board membership to those that have completed their Dedicate Program (DP), I fought to keep the Non-Officer Directors (NOD) positions open to those that have not. I’ve advocated to keep the potential leadership training open to those without their DP as well as the hearth program. I’ve also advocated for the DP not to be required for Senior Druids (SD). I feel the current DP could be a barrier to some and I don’t want to see it as a limitation to accessing our religion.

I represent others in the secular world as well, which puts me in the place of having expertise of advocacy. I am a union president at my workplace. I’ve fought for pay increases, for step parents to be treated the same as parents, for people to not take pay cuts, lay off, redlining or from being fired. I have spoken in front of board meetings to stop a potentially devastating job study from continuing. I’m used to standing up for what is right and I’m used to standing up to other leaders to defend it.

I feel the discussion logs speak for me as well as the answers to the questions our members have posed to all running. My answers can be found here.

I look forward to serving our membership in a different capacity on the board and I hope to do so but you’ll be well served by any of your choices. Thank you for your time reading my bio and the answers to all of our questions.

Julie Desrosiers

Hi! I am running for re-election as non-officer Director:
I joined the ADF in 2005, after attending my first ADF ritual at Starwood, at which time I learned that these druids were my “people”. I went home to Inkerman, Ontario, and after two years of learning about the ADF, I founded a protogrove, which would become a provisionally chartered Grove in 2007. I’ve been Senior Druid since its inception. I completed the Dedicant Program in 2009, and have been working on-and-off on my clergy training for the last 7 years (and hoping to finally complete it this year!). I’ve served my Pagan community in numerous ways throughout the years, including as event organizer, volunteer, ritualist and public speaker. I believe in the “leader as servant” model of leadership, and have pledged to serve my Grove and my community in the best way I can. I currently serve on the Mother Grove as a non-officer director, and as a member of the Grove Coordinator Committee, both roles which give me the opportunity to serve the organization, and the people, that I love.
I’m licensed by the Province of Ontario as a wedding officiant, and have performed various rites of passage for the greater Ottawa pagan community as part of my own vocational calling. I’m also the custodian of Thornhaven, a plot of land (18 acres) that is being actively naturalized and consciously imbued with sacred energy, to serve as a place of powerful worship and communion with the Gods, Ancestors and the Spirits of the Land.
To keep myself and my family fed and housed, I work as a public servant with the Government of Canada, helping immigrants integrate into Canadian society. My background is in communications and stakeholder relations, along with policy development. Aside from my career, my more mundane interests are too numerous to list, but include music (both listening and making), yoga, flying (I am an aspiring pilot), herbalism, science, history, writing fiction, and reading everything.

James Fielder (Pigeon)

I’m James “Pigeon” Fielder, and I’m running for Non-Officer Director. I’ve been a member of ADF since 2012 and Chokecherry Grove (Denver) since 2016. I admittedly haven’t completed my DP yet, but I’ve published in Oak Leaves and the forthcoming annual edition of Enheduanna. I’m also the co-founder and current coordinator for the Games & Play SIG, and I’ve been performing lay work with the Frog Stone Circle using RPGs as a form of mentoring.

I hold a PhD, two MAs, and a BA respectively in Political Science, Military Operations, National Security, and History, and have completed additional social science research methods training at Syracuse University, The University of Michigan, and Stanford University. I’m retiring from the military on 31 May 2019 after 25 years of combined enlisted Army and commissioned Air Force service, after which my wife Adara and I are moving to Fort Collins, Colorado (I plan on growing an epic beard, too, but that’s an aside). For fun I stumble around with electronic music and digital art, consume mountains of fantasy fiction, and aspire to be a regular DM in the Fort Collins RPG scene.

My research interest is trust, which I primarily study through online interaction and ludology, or the study of games and play. To that end, I take teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation seriously and hold the virtue of hospitality dearly. Indeed, I value unit cohesion to such extend that I’ve twice received USAF awards for my team-based leadership style. Or, as a supervisor once said, “morale improves when Pigeon arrives to the office.”

Since NoD doesn’t have specific duties, I’m hoping to use my feathery blend of plush toy huggability and professional training to strengthen ties and bridge rifts. I’m also purposely seeking adjunct positions after retirement so I can pursue life I put aside during military service, with emphasis on ADF work.

Note that I’m running *for* a position, but not *against* anyone. I’m simply humbled that someone saw fit (or was crazy enough) to nominate me, and if elected I will employ both my professional and personal trust-building skills for ADF’s benefit. If not elected, I’ll be content in knowing that I’ve made my case for team-building. While orthopraxy means we can pursue different personal work, my pigeon wings are open for bringing members together under a shared ADF idea. Life’s too short for folks on the same Druidic journey to have differences, and nothing weighs more than a grudge.

Feel free to ping be at thebigpigeon @ if you have additional questions. Group hug and ales all around! 🙂


Victoria Selnes

Greetings, my name is Victoria Selnes, and I am a candidate for the position of Secretary.

I have been studying various forms of paganism since 1988. I spent some time working with online and in-person Wiccan and Witchcraft groups over the years, but nothing caught my long-term attention until I found Druidry. I joined ADF in the summer of 2011 and attended my first COoR Midsummer ritual with Sierra Madrone Grove. Since then, I have continued to work with ADF to support ADF and its Folk, to form a devotional practice with the Kindreds, and to further my learning.

My work outside of ADF puts me in a position that is well suited for the role of Secretary. I work for a large tech company as a Project and Product Manager. In this role, timely and efficient communication is critically important. Part of my job is to ensure that meeting notes and decisions made are communicated from this involved to the rest of the company. Also, I facilitate the communication of new requirements, feature requests, and bugs to the decision makers.

It is crucial that the Mother Grove is as transparent as possible – this transparency includes providing information promptly so the membership can respond and have their voices heard. While some information may be best shared via email, it is also important that we communicate to our Facebook community. To accomplish this, I will work to create an internal process that allows MG meeting agenda, meeting notes, and decisions to be communicated as quickly as possible, including notification on Facebook, so members have enough information to enable them to understand and comment on the information.

I also believe that it is vital for the Mother Grove to hear directly from the membership and will work to improve the processes we have in place and allow for regular surveys and commentary from the membership. In addition to improving the timeliness of the communications to and from the Mother Grove, I will work with the Mother Grove to continue to increase the transparency of the decisions and discussions of the Leadership.

Within ADF, I completed my Dedicant Program in early 2013 and became a mentor for DP students shortly after that. In the summer of 2013, I helped to co-found the Protogrove of the Valley Oak along with three other druids. In early 2017, I completed the Pre-Clergy Study Program, and I am an active student in the Clergy Study Program. Within ADF, I am currently the Web Project Manager, Chief of the Welsh Kin, Deputy Editor for Oak Leaves, and Northwest Regional Druid. I will be handing over the Regional Druid role to the newly elected NWRD after the election. The Web Project Manager role dovetails well with the position of Secretary as the Website needs to support transparency and communication in addition to being a public face of ADF.

Regional Druids:

Canada East:

Brain Larter

 no response received

Canada West:

Diane Cacciato

See her answers to the Candidate Questions here


Rev. Ellie Lazzaro

I’m running for the position of European Regional Druid. My name is Ellie Lazzaro. I am Swiss and German, currently living in France. I’ve been in ADF since 2010 and have been ordained as an ADF Priestess in 2017. I am serving ADF as Regional Druid for Europe since 2013. Additionally, I am also the Coordinator of the Non-English Speakers’ SIG and the Grove Organizer of Adrana Proto-Grove in Germany.
I enjoyed my work as an RD and I would like to continue to serve ADF and the Pagan community in this way. Since 2016 we now have a few language specific mailing lists, which hopefully will more and more help the people to communicate in their native languages and find better possibilities of networking. I believe communication and networking with other Pagan organizations are very important for conjoint projects and to make ADF better known “out there”.

I have an academic degree in Psychology and one of my focal points was intercultural differences and international assignments. In the summer of 2017 we moved again to France for another international assignment, involving much international networking and representative tasks. Not only forging contacts with Druids in France, I am also learning a lot of skills, which I hope to put into work within and for ADF. Besides German and English I am also fluent in French, speak and write Italian and can read and speak a bit Spanish.

For the ADF Region of Europe, I would like to see it grow and spread and interact with other Pagan organizations. I hope there will be one day groves and ADF meetings in different countries.

I am married and we have two elementary school children and a dog.


Laura Cottrell (Lynn Ryn)

 no response received

Dave Kleinschimdt (Thexalon)

I am one of the candidates for Heartland Regional Druid.

Most who know me know my musical work or my occasional comments on this forum, but that is only part of what I do for ADF. For Stone Creed Grove, I spent many years as the secretary, and recently became treasurer. I spent 6 years as secretary of the Hellenic Kin, and 4 years as secretary of the Bardic Guild. In 2014, I was awarded the title of Wellspring Bardic Chair and spent much of that summer representing ADF in that capacity.

Outside of ADF, I have served on non-profit boards and offices periodically since my late teen years. I am currently the president of a fledgling non-profit pushing for environmentally-sustainable living in my local area, and previously served as the leader of the conflict resolution team for a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Professionally, I support myself as a freelance software developer and musician.

Victoria Laughlin-Carares

My name is Victoria Laughlin-Carares (she/they), and I am running for the position of Heartland Regional Druid. I’ve been a solitary member of ADF since 2011. I completed the Dedicant’s Path in 2013 and am currently a student on the Initiate Path. I am also a Master’s of Divinity student at Meadville Lombard Theological School, a Unitarian Universalist seminary. I am running for the position of Heartland RD because I feel it would be a great way to get a better idea of what groves and protogroves in my region are doing to attract members. I also am interested in the diversity yet commonalities of ritual practice. I hope to connect with fellow solitary members in the region as well and make everyone feel welcome. I do want to note that since I am disabled, I am unable to physically travel to grove and protogrove meetings and rituals. Instead, I plan to visit with groves and protogroves within the Heartland region virtually, using a platform such as Zoom or even just Facebook video chat. I would be happy to virtually attend either rituals (with the consent of everyone involved) or business meetings or other gatherings to get an idea of how the group operates and offer constructive criticism. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have via email (victoria.m.laughlin @


Echo Summer-Berson

After a decade of ADF membership and involvement, I am running for Northeast Regional Druid. Currently, I work as the grove organizer for Greylock Shadow Protogrove in Central Massachusetts and run The Social Justice Druid Patreon page, where I run weekly check-ins for folks doing the Dedicant Path Documentation and where I will be adding more classes in specialized topics over the course of the year. I work for pagans on the margins as an advocate and ally for pagans of color, disabled pagans, queer pagans, and more, (I myself am queer and disabled!) and I hope to expand upon that work as I learn and grow this year. I will make mistakes, and I look forward to making them so that we can all learn together.

I am also committed to building a strong community in the Northeast Region and will be using my experiences as a community organizer to bring our region together and help us blossom. I plan to foster regular communication with small-group ministry style discussion questions through our facebook group and email list, host monthly video chats through Zoom, and inspire the solitaries and groves of my region to work together on joint community service projects. I am enthusiastic about helping to make ADF a better, safer place for our very diverse membership, and that starts here at home in the Northeast.


Michael Riley

Thank you for nomination to Northwest Regional Druid.

I am Riley and I’m the Senior Druid at Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF, in Sacramento, California, and Deputy Regional Druid for the Northwest Region. I have collaborated to host the ADF Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon, a pan-pagan convention in the Northwest Region, for 4 years. I have also participated in hosting the 8 Winds festival in the Northwest Region for 5 years. During my time as Senior Druid, I have striven to increase outreach and liturgical representation of the diversity of hearth cultures among Sierra Madrone’s members and friends of the grove in regular attendance.

I live in Sacramento, California, where I am a homemaker for my crafty and brilliant wife and kids. My main focus in ADF is hospitality, and I believe that service is the highest calling, whether serving the Kindred, the Folk, ADF, or the community at large.

When I first came to an event at Sierra Madrone, I came away asking, “This is a worthy organization, how can I be of service to everyone in it?” I started bringing home the potluck dishes after rituals. Several years have passed and I continue to ask that question. This year, I have accepted nomination for Northwest Regional Druid because this is a worthy organization, and I want to be of service to everyone in it.

If elected Northwest Regional Druid, I will endeavor to represent everyone in our region. This includes service to the region’s Solitary members, our Protogroves, and our Groves. I look forward to discussions of opportunities, solutions, and what role I can play. I will visit Groves in person over the term, and will be present at many of the large festivals, as much as possible.

Thank you, for your support!



Rev Gwernin Grove (GR)

My name is Rev. G. R. “Gwernin” Grove and I am a candidate for Southwest Regional Druid. I was born in east Texas quite a few years ago. Since then, I’ve lived, studied, and/or worked in Missouri, Oregon, Puerto Rico, California, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, and Colorado. I have a BA and MA in geology with minors in anthropology and geochemistry respectively. I’ve written and published four novels and several collections of poetry. I retired in 2010, having worked with the US Forest Service for 33 years in engineering geology, land appraisal, mining claim adjudication, and database administration, almost entirely in our Southwest Region.

After a chance encounter with Rev. Kirk Thomas in Ireland, where I was researching my fourth novel, I joined ADF in December 2009, partly because I thought the ADF study programs sounded interesting. Since then, I’ve completed a number of them; I became an ADF Master Bard in 2013, an Initiate in 2015, an Ordained Priest in 2016, and a Consecrated Priest in 2018. I have now completed the course work for Senior (3rd circle) Priest, and hope to be elevated in the autumn.

For the last 2 years, I’ve been Editor-in-Chief of Oak Leaves, our flagship publication. Oak Leaves publishes a mixture of articles, essays, poetry, fiction, and music, ranging from serious academic material to children’s features: something, I hope, for everyone in each issue. Incidentally, I would encourage anyone reading this bio to consider submitting material: in the end, we can only be as good as the submissions you send us.

I’m also co-founder and past Senior Druid of Chokecherry Grove in Denver, Colorado, where I organized the first public ADF festival in the Rocky Mountain area – our annual October retreat. We at Chokecherry strive to make our down-to-earth flavor of Druidry accessible to the wider Pagan community of the Colorado Front Range. Our vision is reflected in our name: the chokecherry bush is a modest but fruitful native plant which spreads by seeds and runners, and is valuable both to humans and to the Nature Kin. We do our best here to support both.

With the exception of 5 years in Alaska, I have lived, worked, and studied in ADF’s Southwest Region since 1973. This included 7 years in Santa Barbara, California; 11 years in San Bernardino, California; and the most recent 22 years in Denver, Colorado, with shorter periods of study or field work in Elko, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona; and Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m familiar with the beaches, deserts, and mountains of the Southwest Region, and with the history and culture of the area.

If I am elected Southwest Regional Druid, I intend to visit all the Groves and Protogroves in the region during my term of office. As a priest, I have vowed to serve the Gods, the Folk, and the Land, and this is one way of fulfilling that oath.

Upper Midwest:

Dale Frampton

See his responses to the Candidate Questions here.

John Lamb

 no response received