Healing Candles & Stones: An Experiment

Recently, because we always seem to have at least one or two people who are in need of healing, we added a regular healing working to our monthly Druid Moon rites.  Not only does this work directly benefit the folk of our grove, it also gives us the opportunity to flex our magical muscles and learn new magical techniques.  Sheri, one of our Friends of the Grove, has lent her knowledge and skills to this work.  It is common to light candles when doing healing work, but she wanted to take it one step further to navigate around some of the common problems with healing candles (namely that they can’t be used in hospitals or dorms, and that people may ration the candle because it is a consumable).  So, set into each candle is a small stone (that can later be set into a piece of jewelry), and each of those small stones is linked to a “battery” or “rainbucket” quartz pendant.  This pendant is worn each Druid Moon when we do the healing magic and refill each of the smaller stones.  While this methodology is an experiment, and we would like feedback from those who have requested healing, never fear: we will continue doing healing work for our grove members no matter the method.

several beeswax chime candles standing upright, with a quartz pendant and votive candle in front of them. The pendant has metal work on the top in the shape of a flame.

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Ritual for the First Day of School

Howdy, y’all! It’s about time to school to start back up, or maybe for you it has already started (you poor souls). A lot of my writing lately has been focused on custom rituals for various things. I thought today I’d share with you a ritual for a child’s first day of school. This is written specifically for the first day of Kindergarten, but could very easily be modified for any pre-K or elementary grade kiddo. I will probably be doing something very similar to this with my daughter he in just a couple weeks. Enjoy!

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Pi is for Perseverance

Perseverance is the flame that continues to burn inside yourself when the storm seems the worst. Sometimes it burns bright and strong with no trouble, though this is often only when the winds are calm, and the Theoi are easily heard on the breeze. When times become difficult, and the rain is pounding down, the flame flickers, just barely keeping alight. The sound of the rumbling thunder seems to drown out the Gods, and the lightning blinds you from seeing them in your life. It is then that the flame needs to be tended most, and cared for. And just as it seems as though it may extinguish itself in the whipping wind you remember: The Gods are always present in your life, and will hold you close and keep you tending that small flickering light. After all, even when the storm seems worst, it is still the mighty Zeus.

Ethics & Vocation: 2019 Reflection


It is important to reflect on our Code of Ethics, and the virtues we try to embody, every so often. ADF’s continuing education used to require it at least once every three years, though that has since changed and it’s no longer required that we revisit it. It is still an extremely valuable practice, and allows to see how we are growing and changing as a person and priest, and helps us to realign and reaffirm the work we are doing. I’ve also seen my work shift and focus since being Consecrated, and having had time to settle into that new(ish) role, now seems like a good time to review where I stand, what I believe, and how those things are expressed in my words and actions. Continue reading “Ethics & Vocation: 2019 Reflection”

Mentoring Matters: Cultivating Trees For Our Forest

Mentoring is essential in cultivating new leaders in an organization.  Those of us who are already in those roles need to become mentors so that those following us can more easily manage the journey.  As mentors, we seek to help our mentees feel welcomed, valued, and part of their own learning process. We walk alongside them, providing support and insight, encouraging reflection, risk-taking, and confidence in their growing skills, and challenging them to continue moving forward on their path.

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Members Advocate Candidate Responses 2019

The Members Advocate is the organizational ombudsperson.  They represent individual members of ADF to the Mother Grove, especially minority members that are otherwise not well represented.  The Member’s Advocate manages compassionate memberships as well as handling complaints that are both interpersonal and inter-organizational.  They are expected to mediate these complaints before they reach the Mother Grove. The Member’s Advocate is a 1 year term, with a 3 consecutive year term limit, and is a non-voting member of the Mother Grove, though they are expected to attend all Mother Grove meetings.


Bios can be found here.

The list of all questions can be found here.

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