Clergy Services

Rev. Jan Avende – ADF Clergy & Initiate (contact me at for help or more information)

The following are a list of my specific skills and strengths as an ADF Priest and Initiate:

Advanced Seer

  • Can provide help learning seership techniques common to all methods of sortilege (runes, tarot, ogham, etc.)
  • Can provide help learning seership techniques common to oracular divination
  • Can provide in-depth readings and advanced insight using the Greek Alphabet Oracle

Advanced Spiritworker

  • Can lead meaningful trance journeys for a variety of audiences using various trance induction techniques
  • Can assist in writing scripts for successful trance journeys
  • Can assist in initiating, developing, or troubleshooting diety and other spirit relationships
  • Can trance journey on your behalf to contact spirits or problem-solve spiritual problems
  • Can help you create an effective magical working for you to perform on your own
  • Can perform magic on your behalf for a variety of purposes

Experienced Liturgist

  • Can assist in writing effective High Day rites, lunar rites, and meaningful devotionals
  • Can provide scripts and templates for High Days and lunar rites
  • Can provide prayers on a variety of topics
  • Can pray for or with you for a variety of reasons

Rites of Passage

  • Can work with you and provide scripts and templates for a variety of Rites of Passage (including weddings, funerals, memorials, parent and baby blessings, gender claimings, coming of age, etc)
  • Can officate/lead important rites of passage for you (including weddings, funerals, memorials, parent and baby blessings, gender claimings, coming of age, etc)

Pagan Parenting

  • Can share personal experience raising pagan children and navigating the various challenges that come with that (including how to pray with children around, how to involve children in a family practice, and providing resources for school regarding your families religious beliefs)
  • Can help develop a children’s education program for your grove or small group
  • Can provide resources and activities to support you in raising your children pagan

Experienced Bard

  • Can point you in the direction of songs for various needs, both in an out of ritual.
  • Can provide recordings and lyrics to a variety of songs
  • Can write songs for specific needs and purposes
  • Can write stories for use in rituals or children’s programming
  • Can write poems and invocations for various ritual purposes

Experienced Teacher

  • College education at the Ohio State University:
    • Bachelors Degree (major in English, minor in German);
    • Masters Degree (Grades 7-12 English Langauge Arts Education)
  • Can provide help conducting research, writing study program responses, or learning how to cite your sources using MLA citation format
  • Can provide help navigating and developing online course that meet best practice standards for adult learners
  • Can explain complex ADF (and other religious) concepts in an accessible way

I do charge for many of these services, but generally work on a sliding scale.  Additionally, members of my grove, as well as supporters of my Patreon, receive significant discounts.  Here’s some basic price points for common services:

Wedding Paperwork Only$50
Rite of Passage$150
House Blessing$50
Baby Blessing$80
Parent Blessing$80
Magic Consultation$60
Personalized Prayer & Image$30
Misc Hourly Rate$40/hr

If you don’t see the particular skills, strengths, or services you’re looking for, please email me at and we can chat to see if I can meet your needs. If I can’t and you’re an ADF member, you can look over the listings that other ADF Clergy have made to see if one of them can meet your needs.