Rituals Scripts & Videos

Ritual Scripts for High Days

Spring Equinox: Honoring Nature

Spring Equinox: Honoring Indra

Summer Solstice: Honoring Prometheus

Summer Solstice: Honoring Ardvi Sura Anahita (also available as a video below)

Autumn Cross-Quarter: Honoring Hades & Persephone

Winter Solstice: Honoring Volos

Ritual Scripts for Other Occasions & Needs

Solitary New Moon Ritual

Solitary Full Moon Ritual

ADF Style Blessing Rite in Animal Crossing (also available as a video below)

Pagan Pride Day: Honoring Athena

ADF Unity Rite (performed at Harvest Nights Festival 2016) (also available as a video below)

ADF Unity Rite (performed at Summerland 2020) (also available as a video below)

Festival Opening Rite for Wisteria Summer Solstice

Festival Closing Ritual for Wisteria Summer Solstice

A Healing Rite for Mental Health

Memorial to Remember a Non-Pagan Ancestor

Ritual for the First Day of School

Parent Blessing for a New Baby

A Simple House Blessing

Anniversary of Marriage

Ritual Videos

For the following videos, many thanks to Rev. Michael J Dangler for managing the tech and video production, as well as being my co-priest in most of these rites.

A 3CG Blessing Rite in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

script can be found here

A Lughnasadh Rite for Solitary Pagans

An Autumn Equinox Rite for Solitary Pagans

Summerland 2020’s ADF Unity Rite

script can be found here

Harvest Nights 2016 Unity Rite

script can be found here

3CG Anagantios (Stay-At-Home Moon) Rite

An Avenstan Summer Solstice Rite: Honoring Ardvi Sura Anahita

script can be found here

A Rite for Separated Families & A Call to Action

The Consecration of Rev. Jan Avende in 2017

The Charging of the Stoles at Rev. Avende’s 2015 Ordination Rite