ADF Clergy Training Program

An ADF Priest, through training and her obligations, works in service to the Kindreds and the Folk, ensures that the the sacrifices are made, and helps others with the training that they have engaged in. An ADF Priest, upon ordination also makes the following oath in the presence of the Folk:

I pledge to love the land, serve the folk, and honor the Gods.

To this I dedicate my hands, my heart and my head.

I further dedicate myself to continue my endeavors

to the program of study of Ár nDraíocht Féin.

The CTP is ADF’s program for the education and spiritual preparation of our religious leadership. Through it we mean to meet the need for a firm scholarly background for our clergy, while working toward higher levels of spiritual effort.  The CTP is made up of three levels of work, referred to as Circles. Each Circle contains a series of courses – categories of learning, with resources and exit standards – which must be answered in writing for evaluation. In higher Circles, some courses require specific practical work (e.g. in divination or ritual work) to be described and documented.

I was approved for ordination in March of 2015, and the ceremony took place at the Summerland Gathering in August of 2015.






I have also had to create a Code of Ethics for my work as a Priest of ADF.

Additionally, as I’ve been serving as clergy, I’ve been keeping a list of things that have surprised me along the way and in this new path.  Here are “The Things No One Told You About Being a Priest”

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