Baseline Training

Baseline training is required prior to enrollment in the ADF Clergy Training Program. These courses are designed to both offer deeper knowledge of ADF ritual and Indo-European myth and culture that is foundational to Our Druidry. During the time you are working on this coursework, you are expected to continue the Work of the ADF Dedicant.

If you’re working through the Pre-CTP right now, you may find the syllabus I put together helpful. You can find it here: Pre-CTP Syllabus. It breaks down the work week by week, and puts similar questions together, so you don’t feel like you’re answering the same thing three different times.

ADF Structure, Customs, and Policies

Law and the Church

Indo-European Studies 1

Indo-European Myth 1

Cosmology 1

Liturgy 1

Applying for Entrance to the CTP: Once you have completed all of the above courses, you submit an Intention Letter to the Clergy Council Officers.answering the following questions about why you desire to become an ADF Priest:

  1. Why do you want to be a Priest, and what is your plan for making that goal happen?
  2. Why do you want to be an ADF Priest in particular?
  3. What does being a Priest mean to you in the cultural context of your Hearth Culture?
  4. What has been your experience of the Work of the ADF Dedicant, and what do you expect when you begin the Clergy Student Discipline?

Clergy Intention Letter

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