ADF Clergy Training Program, Circle 1 Courses

The student, upon receiving approval to begin the Clergy Training Program, should begin first with the Clergy Student Discipline. In each Circle, the Discipline work is the first thing a student must start, and the reflective essay on this work constitutes the last course turned in.  Upon completion of the coursework for First Circle, a student is expected to be prepared for ordination as an ADF Priest. The student must apply through a vocational statement and portfolio submission as well as pass a background check.

Clergy Intention Letter

Crisis Response

Ethics 1

Ritual Mechanics

Liturgy Practicum 1: Domestic Cult Practice

Liturgical Writing 1

Indo-European Myth 2

Divination 1

Trance 1

Magic 1 for Priests

Bardic Studies for Liturgists

Discipline 1


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