Ordination Portfolio

Once you have completed all of the First Circle coursework, you can apply for clergy credentials within ADF. You may not continue working through the CTP unless you are approved for Ordination. Your Application for Ordination will be in the form of a portfolio that includes the following items:

My Vocational Statement

The Discipline of a Clergy Student

Code of Ethics for Clergy Work

The Importance of Self-Understanding and Introspection

Representative Personal Practice Journal Entry

Group Ritual: Prometheia (Summer Solstice)

Solitary Ritual: ADF Style New Moon Rite

Example Working: Dr. Tally’s Soothing Tooth-Tiger Liniment (Healing Work)

You must also submit a completed and signed background check waiver form to be considered for ordination.

All portfolios will be available for viewing by the membership at large (not by the public, generally).  To apply for credentials, you contact the Archdruid.  Once your credentials are approved, they will be immediately valid, though ceremonial arrangements may take place at a later date.  You must apply for credentials at least 45 days prior to the ceremonial date you would like, if you have a specific date or place in mind for your ordination.

All ADF Priest credentials expire on Nov. 1 of each year.  Credentials are renewed with “demonstrated clergy work” throughout the course of the year.


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