Consecration Portfolio

Much like the process for applying to become an ADF Priest, becoming an ADF Consecrated Priest requires an application process. Like the process of becoming an ADF Priest, you will submit a portfolio containing samples of the written work you have done up to this point, as well as examples of the work you have done in ADF up to this point as well. You must have been an ADF Priest for two consecutive years before applying to become a Consecrated Priest.

Consecration is designed to be an internally focused ritual for individuals who are externally focused on the greater community. To that end, we value the ability of our Priests to not only kindle an inner fire, but also to draw that fire out and light the way for others with it. The skills we ask about and review should reflect this notion in your application.

The application again consists of a portfolio of work done, including the following items:

My Vocational Statement as a Consecrated Priest

The Discipline of an Ordained Priest

Ethical Situations

Representative Journal Entry from Divination 2, Magic 2, or Trance 2

Prayers from Liturgical Writing 2

Performance Reviews from Liturgy Practicum 2

Magic in ADF Ritual

Videos from Theater for Ritual 1

Additionally, students would be wise to consider the following opportunities to show both their skill and their work within ADF:

Becoming an ADF Initiate: While not required, passing initiation shows great ability to work from that internal fire and to bring it forth for others. It is highly encouraged, and may be suggested by the Clergy Council Officers, if you have not already been Initiated. I was initiated by Michael Dangler, Jon Drum, and Nick Egelhoff at the Midnight Flame Festival on September 6, 2014.

Writing articles for ADF’s publications: Most students who have done work through this point will have a body of polished work that should be shared with the rest of ADF. It reflects well on a student to publish original work in ADF’s publications, and even better to publish in non-ADF publications. I make an attempt to submit something to Oak Leaves for every issue (and have been fairly successful over the past couple of years). I’ve included a sample article in my portfolio, “Crafting Magical Workings” from Oak Leaves #69, Summer 2015. I also have several other books and articles in progress.

Working within a Fully Chartered Grove: There is no requirement that our Priests have Groves, but vibrant Groves reflect well on the skill of the Priests who are invested in them. I have been a member of Three Cranes Grove, ADF since 2009, and was loosely affiliated with it beginning in 2006.

Organizing and leading festival rituals: The best way to showcase your talents as a Priest is to volunteer to organize and lead festival rituals. Volunteering to be a part of festival rituals is another good idea, as there is never enough room for all our Priests to lead rituals at our festivals. I have volunteered for parts in most festival rituals for the past several years, and I had the privilege of writing and leading the Unity Rite at Harvest Nights in 2016. I have included the script in my portfolio.