Meal Planning

Hestia, as I flip through our family recipe book, be with me. 
I’m choosing meals for this week, and I’d like my children to eat them. 
Help me pick things that are delicious, and will retain their flavors well for leftovers. 
Help me pick things that have overlapping ingredients, yet different flavor profiles. 
Hestia, as you are with all things in the home, be with me in this. 

Prayer for Evening Companionship from the Gods

The quiet parts of the evening are sometimes the hardest. 
That time when my brain slows down
And I’m no longer focused on keeping everything in order. 
That time when anxiety and depression have the opportunity to rear their heads. 
The chance to relax, once so welcome,
Now feels empty and uneasy. 
I’m those moments, when I’m feeling alone and vulnerable,
I ask:  gods of my heart, be with me. 
I need to feel your presence and your comfort. 
Be with me as the evening winds to a close,
And I seek  calm before bed. 

Days of Rest

Kindreds, may tomorrow be better than today. 
It’s not like today was awful, 
But it was a mulligan day. 
I slept more than I kept up with tasks. 
I relaxed more than I was productive. 
Actually… Kindreds…
Perhaps more days like today, please,
But also help me release the guilt,
And the pressing need to always be doing something. 
Help me allow myself moments of pleasure,
Days of rest. 
Kindreds, help me see that I deserve these things too. 

Second Annual Prayer-A-Day

picture of a candle in a lantern against a dark background with words that say "Light the Way, Draw others to the Flame: Write a Prayer a Day in November. #prayeraday #adfdruidry"

It’s time for the Second Annual Prayer-A-Day Challenge!

November tends to be a month when people work on doing something each day of the month, whether it’s moments of gratitude or writing for National Novel Writing Month. Last year, I decided that I would try my own variation on this trend and began a #PrayerADay Challenge. The idea was to write one prayer each day, to whatever spirit or on whatever topic called to you at that particular moment. After deciding that I was was going to take this on for myself, I thought “wouldn’t it be awesome if we were able to have a whole collection prayers compiled from clergy and other ADF members?” So, I issued the challenge to other members of ADF clergy, and the whole experiment kind of exploded from there. Many people across ADF joined in to write one or more prayers, and it has been absolutely fantastic.

So, it’s time to do this again, and this year I challenge all of you. Yes. All of you! I don’t care if you’ve never written a prayer, or if you’ve written lots and lots. The idea here is to write a new prayer each day. It’s okay if you don’t like it, but write _something_ every day in November.

The hash tags we’ll be using for this across social media are #PrayerADay and #adfdruidry. When you post it to social media, make sure you use both of those tags so we can all find it!

November Prayers: Day 7

When the black dog has her claws hooked in you,
threatening to never let go,
trying to pull you under, into the darkness…
When the world is too loud, and too bright,
overwhelming all your senses,
pushing you to escape into the void…
When the night seems to go on forever,
dragging into the black,
until it seems even the stars have lost their light…
Then is when the sky will lighten,
Then is when the cloud-cover will dissipate,
Then is when the Dawn will come.
So, after the storm has raged,
go to where the Waters flow more freely now,
won and blessed for you,
and find your peace in nature.