#PrayerADay Coming Soon!

Get ready for the 7th Annual #PrayerADay Project, started and led by Rev. Jan Avende! If you’ve missed it the past few years, the idea is that you write one prayer a day during the month of November.

I encourage folks to share their prayers, but if you’re not comfortable with that, the most important thing is to just try writing one each day, or as many days during the month as you can. A cool thing I’ve heard folks talking about this year is branching out in how they define “prayer.” I’m excited to see the way this manifests this year, whether its the traditional written prayer, or a video, sigil, song, dance, art, etc.

Folks of all spiritual paths are welcome and encouraged to participate. We use the hashtag #PrayerADay so that people can find the prayers, whether you post them on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, TikTok, or your social media of choice.

While you are more than welcome to just write privately or keep your prayers to only your profile, if you’d like to join the Prayer a Day community we’ve got two ways to participate. There is an open FB Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/973579286163091/) where you are welcome to share your prayers each day. There is also a FB Page (https://m.facebook.com/Prayer-a-Day-Project-1822385197811341/) where I’ll be curating and sharing prayers from all different folks who are participating in the project.

If you’d like to listen to a podcast episode where I talk about the history behind the project and my experience with it, I chatted on Druids in Cars, Going to Festivals about it a few years ago: https://druidsincars.podbean.com/e/bonus-episode-4-prayeraday/

Now, get ready to pray, because we start writing on November 1st!

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