ADF Election 2018 Questions

Rev. Jan Avende’s Responses – VAD Candidate

Hi y’all.  I’m running for Vice Arch Druid in the 2018 ADF Election this year.  Many folks have asked questions of the candidates, and I’ve answered all the ones I’ve seen below.  I also welcome more questions, and will update this post as necessary to address them.  Email me at rev.jan.avende at, so your questions don’t get lost.

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Certificate of Ministry!!!

Look what finally came in the mail this weekend!  Yay!

Certificate of Ministry

Be it known to all that Rev. Jan Avende, having fulfilled the educational requirements of Ar nDraiocht Fein, and having demonstrated exceptional leadership talents, is now an ADF Priest, with all the rights and obligations thereunto pertaining.

The actual ordination ceremony is scheduled to happen at the Summerland Gathering in Yellow Springs, OH on Saturday, August 15th.  The ritual is free of charge and open to the public.