ADF Initiate Program

The ADF Initiate Program is a program designed to provide further training beyond the ADF Dedicant Path.  It helps folks build on their knowledge and skills to have a solid liturgical practice, and has a focus on Magic, Divination, Trance, and how they intersect.  It is a phenomenal training program, providing a solid academic foundation for the experimental magical, trance, and divinatory work that Initiates are expected to engage in.

I passed all of my courses, and the three tests that make up Initiate, becoming an ADF Initiate in September 2014.  AS the current Initiate Path Preceptor I revised the program in 2018, so the courses I completed are different than the ones current student’s will be going through.  However, I hope to work through the new courses myself over time and will add them here as I do so.

Students submit an Intention letter when they apply to the program, and then may begin working through the courses in any order they choose.  This is  outline of courses as they are recommended in the online course I facilitate, as well as links to my essays for each course.

Intention Letter

Liturgy 1

Indo-European Studies 1

Liturgy Practicum 1

Indo-European Mythology 1

Divination 1

General Bardic Studies 1

Magic 1

Divination 2

Indo-European Language 1

Trance 1

Magic 2

Trance 2

If a student passes all three of the Initiation Tests (the solo ritual, the oral defense, and the Ordeal) they take an Oath in front of those who has witnessed the first 2 tests.  This is mine:

“I come from the fire at the center of worlds,
Where the burning stars fall from the heavens to the seas.
Mists to open. Mists to bind.
Where the oak tree stands upon the mound.
Mists to open. Mists to bind.
Where the fire rages amongst the storm of lights and rain.
Mists to open. Mists to bind.
Where the stranger in the darkness stands as guide.
Mists to open. Mists to bind.
Where the heartbeat of the Mother ignites the fire within.
Mists to open. Mists to bind.
With these tools I shall lead others to the flame.”

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