ADF Clergy Training Program, Circle 2 Courses

Students wishing to continue the work must be ordained as ADF Priests, and will begin by working a new level of spiritual discipline. There is no application process to begin this work: it is assumed that many students will naturally move on to the next circle of study without break, though some may cease their work and remain as ADF Priests for the rest of their lives. Seeking consecration at the end of Second Circle reflects a higher calling and vocation.

This Circle begins the process of specializing a student in aspects of Our Druidry that interest them. Additional specialties may be added down the line, but students are required to choose at least two specialties that will deepen their knowledge and that resonate with their personal vocation. To fully complete a specialty, you must use the same specialty in both Circle 2 and Circle 3.

Discipline 2
Divination 2
Ethics 2
Liturgical Writing 2
Liturgy Practicum 2: Small Group Ritual
Magic 2
Theatre for Ritual 1
Trance 2
2 Electives toward “specialty”

Upon completion of all requirements, students will be eligible to apply for consecration as an ADF Consecrated Priest. You must have been an ADF Priest for two consecutive years before applying to become a Consecrated Priest.

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