ADF Clergy Training Program, Circle 3 Courses

Again, there is no formal requirement to apply to begin Third Circle training, but like the previous training courses, Circle 3 requires you to be an ADF Consecrated Priest and begins with a new level of spiritual discipline.

Students may not change specializations without doing the corresponding course in the Second Circle specialization track: if they do not wish to continue with their current specialization choices, then they must go back and begin with the Second Circle course that correspondes to their new specialization.

2 electives toward “specialty”

  • Helper: Professional Helping Skills 2
  • Naturalist: Nature Awareness 2
  • Leadership: Leadership Development 2
  • Scholar: IE Studies 2
  • Ritualist: Comparative Ritual Theory

Upon completion of the Third Circle, the student may apply to become an ADF Senior Priest by submitting an Elevation Portfolio. You must have been an ADF Priest for three consecutive years before applying to become a Senior Priest.

Additionally, the Priest will be given a new level of spiritual discipline that he or she will be required to maintain throughout the rest of his or her life upon becoming an ADF Senior Priest.