Other Writings


I’ve published a couple of books that are available for purchase. They can be found on Amazon, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, and often your local pagan shops.

Articles & Essays

This area contains a broad collection of essays on divine relationships, cosmology & theology, magic, leadership, and bardic work.


Here you’ll find the handouts and occasionally full sets of notes from the various workshops I give to my Grove and at Festivals

Ritual Scripts & Videos

This section compiles the scripts I’ve written for various ritual purposes (and is easier to search than just navigating the “ritual script” category). It also includes embedded videos of actual rites being performed.

Stories & Plays

still working on indexing these

solo practice of “The Winning of the Waters” (a Vedic Return Flow playlet)

Songs & Poems

still working on indexing these

Performances by Three Cranes Grove Bards