Code of Ethics

I recently revisited and revised my personal Clergy Code of Ethics as it is suggested that we do every so often.  You can read it below, and can find the ADF Clergy Code of Ethics here.

Last updated 5/9/19

  • “I will pray with the Good Fire” – I will maintain my own practice and my own relationship with the Spirits. In this way I will have the fertile soil to continue to grow in my role as a Priest, and I will be in a position where I can better help others. I cannot kindle a flame for another unless I maintain my own.
  • “I will lead others to the Flame” – This is part of my Initiate Oath, and means that I will not hoard my knowledge or skills. I will be a good role model, guide, and teacher for all those who seek to walk the path of neo-paganism, and I will provide services relating to this path as much as I am able.
  • “I will model inclusivity and kindness” – My words have power and my actions can deeply affect others. I will make adjustments to my language and actions as needed to reflect the changing needs of my community. I will assume good intentions and prioritize kindness in my interactions with others. I will work to maintain a safe space, free from hate, in my community.
  • “I will allow room for growth” – When you learn better, do better. I am constantly growing and learning, and my actions will reflect new knowledge. Others are also constantly growing and learning, and I will accept that they can change their own actions for the better. I will not hold grudges.
  • “I will be an independent and responsible person” – I will walk my virtues, and not let others’ vision of me determine my path. I am responsible for my own actions and reactions, and will strive to remember that I am not responsible of the actions of others. I will also fulfill duties that make me a responsible member of society and the priesthood, especially as it relates to the law.
  • “I will be loyal and hold true to my word.” – When I make a commitment, those who are depending on me should be able to be certain that I will not back out, or that if I do it is for a very good reason. I will speak truth whenever possible, admit when I don’t know, and seek out those who do know. I will maintain the confidence of those who have trusted me to hold space with them.

2 thoughts on “Code of Ethics

  1. […] It is important to reflect on our Code of Ethics, and the virtues we try to embody, every so often. ADF’s continuing education used to require it at least once every three years, though that has since changed and it’s no longer required that we revisit it. It is still an extremely valuable practice, and allows to see how we are growing and changing as a person and priest, and helps us to realign and reaffirm the work we are doing. I’ve also seen my work shift and focus since being Consecrated, and having had time to settle into that new(ish) role, now seems like a good time to review where I stand, what I believe, and how those things are expressed in my words and actions. I’ve included my reflections and revision to my code of ethics below, and my Code of Ethics in it’s final form can always be viewed here. […]

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