Ritual for the First Day of School

Howdy, y’all! It’s about time to school to start back up, or maybe for you it has already started (you poor souls). A lot of my writing lately has been focused on custom rituals for various things. I thought today I’d share with you a ritual for a child’s first day of school. This is written specifically for the first day of Kindergarten, but could very easily be modified for any pre-K or elementary grade kiddo. I will probably be doing something very similar to this with my daughter he in just a couple weeks. Enjoy!

First Day of Kindergarten (or modify for other grades)

Materials needed:

  • Backpack
  • Teacher requested school supplies

[child], today you are going to start on a new path in your life. It’s super exciting, isn’t it? Today is your first day of Kindergarten. You’ll meet new friends and learn new things, and the whole time you’ll have the Kindreds there to watch over and protect you. Would you like to invite them now, so they know where you are, come with us, and know how to find your school?


Earth Mother, you keep [child] grounded and centered. Stay with them and whenever they need to remember us, wrap them in your arms.

Inspiration, you give [child] the best imagination ever. Stay with them and whenever they are shy or scared, fill them with your joy.

Garanus, you stand by and protect [child]. Stay with them and whenever they need to be self-confident, spread your wings and shelter them.

Ancestors, [child] is your descendant. Stay with them and whenever they need to made a hard decision, be with them in that choice.

Nature Spirits, you bring joy and wonder to [child]. Stay with them and whenever they begin to lose interest in the learning, let them feel your amazement.

Shining Ones, you share your wisdom and love with [child]. Stay with them and whenever they are feeling alone or lost, share your light and warmth with them.

[child], do you feel all the spirits here with us?


Spirits! Join [child] as they prepare to go to their first day of Kindergarten!

Now, [child], let’s pack your backpack full of all the supplies and blessings you need.

*pack up backpack together*

Remember to be yourself.
Remember to be kind.
Remember to be helpful.
Remember to be respectful.

Thank you spirits for being with [child] as they go to school!

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