Healing Candles & Stones: An Experiment

Recently, because we always seem to have at least one or two people who are in need of healing, we added a regular healing working to our monthly Druid Moon rites.  Not only does this work directly benefit the folk of our grove, it also gives us the opportunity to flex our magical muscles and learn new magical techniques. Sheri, one of our Friends of the Grove, has lent her knowledge and skills to this work.  It is common to light candles when doing healing work, but she wanted to take it one step further to navigate around some of the common problems with healing candles (namely that they can’t be used in hospitals or dorms, and that people may ration the candle because it is a consumable).  So, set into each candle is a small stone (that can later be set into a piece of jewelry), and each of those small stones is linked to a “battery” or “rainbucket” quartz pendant.  This pendant is worn each Druid Moon when we do the healing magic and refill each of the smaller stones.  While this methodology is an experiment, and we would like feedback from those who have requested healing, never fear: we will continue doing healing work for our grove members no matter the method.

several beeswax chime candles standing upright, with a quartz pendant and votive candle in front of them. The pendant has metal work on the top in the shape of a flame.

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