Days of Rest

Kindreds, may tomorrow be better than today. 
It’s not like today was awful, 
But it was a mulligan day. 
I slept more than I kept up with tasks. 
I relaxed more than I was productive. 
Actually… Kindreds…
Perhaps more days like today, please,
But also help me release the guilt,
And the pressing need to always be doing something. 
Help me allow myself moments of pleasure,
Days of rest. 
Kindreds, help me see that I deserve these things too. 

Ogmios, during D&D

Ogmios, Bright One,
Thank you for being with me tonight. 
Some may not think that the gods are present in D&D,
But you are present whenever I must speak with eloquence,
Whenever I must let my creative vision take flight.
Ogmios, you are there with me as I paint with words what I see in my head
To carry others along with me in our story. 
So, thank you Ogmios, for filling me with your blessing. 

Belenos, I am Star Stuff

In the darkness, as all the sounds begin to still,
I look to the stars, and there I see you,
Your starry cloak draped across the night sky,
With pinpricks of light glinting through black.
Belenos, wrap me in that cloak,
Let me feel that I am part of the universe,
Integral to its pattern, 
but also insignificant beside the great cosmos. 
Belenos, encircle me in your bright darkness,
And remind me that I am star stuff. 

Accepting Help

Ancestors, you lived in intertwined communities,
Helping each other day to day,
With all manner of things, big and small. 
It is through these communities,
This village mentality,
That you thrived. 

Ancestors, I pray that you help me:
Let me ask for help when I need it. 
Let me accept help when it is offered. 
Let me help others when I have the means. 

Vice-Arch Druid Bio Statement

I’ve accepted the nomination for Vice-Arch Druid of ADF for the 2022 election. The VAD is one of the two Mother Grove positions reserved for clergy, but beyond that doesn’t have a lot of specific responsibilities. This opens it up for the VAD to help define their role according to their specific talents.

According to the ADF Bylaws: “The Vice Archdruid (VAD) is the Vice President of the Board of Directors (the Mother Grove). The VAD exercises the functions of the AD in his/her absence. The VAD would replace the AD in the event of his/her recall, death, retirement, or permanent incapacitation. The VAD may perform all those duties that would otherwise be performed by a non-profit corporation Vice President.  The VAD must also be an ordained member of ADF Clergy in good standing.”

I’ll be answering candidate questions at the upcoming virtual meetings (March 13, 2022 @12pm Eastern, others are TBD), as well as posting them here on my blog once I’ve composed them. If you have additional questions for me (or others) I’d encourage you to submit them to the ADF election officers ( so all can answer them, or send them to me directly. In the meantime, here is my biographical statement that will be going on the ballot:

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2021 In Review – Clergy Council Priestwork Report

ADF’s Clergy Council developed a new form for us to fill out each year to report on our activities.  This report (well, the activities) is required for us to maintain our clergy credentials.  It is divided into sections based on the oath we take as clergy:

“I pledge to love the land, serve the folk, and honor the gods.  To this do I dedicate my hands, my heart, and my head.”

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3CG Bardic Performances

I’m part of Three Cranes Grove Bardic Group. I was the Grove Bard, until the position was passed over to the very talented Mike Bierschenk in 2017. We are a collaborative group that writes and performs songs (outside of any solo work), both liturgically in ritual, as well as in concerts organized for livestreams or festivals. So, while I’ve tried to post some of my songs separately, I would be remiss to exclude the contributions to my creativity and my work. Besides, I like to promote the good stuff that others are doing.

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Talking About Winter Holidays in School

It being December, lots of schools are talking about winter holidays with students. I’m pretty open about being pagan and raising my kids pagan, and live in a decently diverse district, with generally really accepting teachers. So each year up to this point I’ve emailed their teachers with some info about Winter Solstice so that they can include it in their “Winter Holiday Unit” and my kids can feel included. I thought it may be useful to share my email so that others can just steal it, modify it to fit their situation, and send it to their kids’ teachers. Obviously make your own decision as to whether this is safe for family and/or wanted by your kids. But, feel free to steal if you want:

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