Reigniting Your Devotional Practice

For many people, including me, November and December are so busy with family obligations and other social functions thanks to the over-culture, that our own personal devotional practice tends to fall by the wayside for awhile.  Devotional practices, whether they be daily or weekly prayers, meditation, or magical workings, ebb and flow.  They go in cycles like the seasons, and that’s okay.  A dormant season is necessary for a fruitful growing and harvest season.  So, as we’re coming out of the dormant season, it’s okay that our practice may have been dormant for awhile. Now is the time to reignite it.  

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Evening Devotionals

I’m in a quiet, calm, and reflective kind of mood, and some nights, when it’s dark and quiet, it’s nice to just light the candles on my altar, enter that sacred space, and just be.  Just exist and do the work that calls to me and walk the path that sings in my blood and my soul. 

A few prayers spoken to invite those who I honor regularly, a few offerings made as I welcome them in. Then healing work for those who’ve requested it. And then contemplating the Fire, and knowing it’s okay that some nights this is all I do, and that it is exactly what I need to be doing. I am at peace and in the presence of the Kindreds. 

Morning Ancestor Offerings

I greet my Ancestors this morning.
Those of my blood and my bone, who have given me life.
Those of my heart and my hearth, who have guided my steps.
Those of my friends and my folk, who strengthen and deepen my relationships.
Those Mighty Dead, poets, priests, and bards.
The Apotheothenai, Heroes among the ancestors who have shaped our world.
It is to you I call out to and to you who I make these offerings.
Bright greetings of the morning, my Ancestors!