Hellenic Kin Quilt Square

I made the quilt square for the Hellenic Kin for the Artisan’s Guild Quilt project. I had the idea for the square, it just took me awhile to actually sketch out what I specifically wanted. Then I had to figure out how to get the sketch onto some fabric (Thank you gel pens!)  The design is a white owl in the center (it’s actually sketched off a barn owl), with acorns and oaks leaves in the corners.  Then there is the Kins name in English (White Owls Kin) and in Greek (Oi Asproi Koukouvayies), which actually translates to The Owl Kin.  The Fabric is cotton duck, and the design is done in puffy paints (brushed on) that are all metallic colors. I hope the Hellenes approve 😀

And some details shots.  First a close up look at the owl:

And then a slightly better look at the finished square:

All hail the Muses!

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