Crafting a Magical Working

Crafting magical workings can be quite a daunting task, especially if it is something that you are new at, or have very little experience with.  There are some things you can do to help you grow in confidence and experience with your magical work.  If you’re doing magical work for one of the advanced study programs, remember: you should be experimenting and trying new things out, and writing down what does and doesn’t work so that you can learn from them. 
First off, if you’re struggling coming up with ideas for what to do for magical workings, or if you have an idea but don’t know where to start or how to begin writing it, my best suggestion is to go to the texts of folks who have already done it.  By this I mean primary sources.  The Greek Magical Papyri, the Artharvaveda, the Galdrabók, and other such texts.  These are excellent sources of inspiration.  I’d also like to note that while I think it’s imperative to get some practice writing your own workings, there is also nothing wrong with doing workings that others have written.  It is good practice, and can really help you get your feet wet and gain confidence.  Additionally, if someone has written a really good magical working for something you really need, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use that working and write up your own experience using it.

Second, I’d try to remember that not all magical workings have to big and huge, and it’s far more important that they are meaningful to you.  There’s nothing wrong with big, huge workings, but if that is all you are doing, you will probably end up getting burnt out rather quickly.  For many of the advanced study programs you nee dot be doing regular magical work.  For me, this meant that I aimed for at least one magical working a week.  

This may seem excessive, but I think it’s important to look at how you view magical workings.  For me, magic is often a tool in my toolbox for accomplishing something, and the question I ask myself is “Would I take a mundane action to try to resolve or aid this situation?”  If the answer is yes, then I have met the requirement for the magical working to meet my own moral standards.  So, after consulting the gods via divination, I will proceed with a magical working.  My thought process is that if I truly want something to happen or manifest, and have determined that it is the right course of action and morally sound, then there is no reason why I shouldn’t use all of the tools I have to achieve my goals.

Third, having determined that you’re going to do a magical working and as you’re planning what kind of working to do, remember that for the advanced study program work you’re going to have to have at least three magical workings that have “demonstrable, intended results” and that you’ll have to explain how the results manifested.  So, be sure that at least some of your workings will have results you can explain in that way: meaning not everything should be energy work or something similar or you may find yourself frustrated when you go to answer that question.    I had good luck with this by doing some workings where I wanted to change the expected outcome of something, or alter the quantity of something.  Though I imagine you could have good luck here with healing work as well if you have a baseline on which to base what the original outcome would have been without magic.

Fourth, I found it helpful to categorize the types of magic that I do, and then rotate what kind I was doing so that I didn’t get tired of any one specific type.  I categorized based on both intent and method.  Categorizing the various types of magic like this also helped me come up with what kinds of workings to do, as well as better brainstorm new kinds of magic to experiment with.  It also allowed me to mix and match intents with methods to practice all different kinds and ways.  For example, you can do healing work via energy, or charmed candles, or tinctures/tonics that are actually consumed, or talismans that are worn, or spirit arte (working with helper spirits), or toning, or spoken charms, or any manner of things.  Each of those is a different working.  This means if you know you are good at healing work, then you can stick with healing for awhile but try a whole bunch of different methods.  Let’s say you then find that you’re good at making talismans.  You could then use that as a jumping off point to try other intents like protection, blessing, inspiration for creative arts, manifestation of specific things.  Then you just keeping moving on in that fashion, letting the intent inspire the methods, and the methods inspire the intent, and back and forth and back and forth.

I’ve listed below some specific ideas (note the mix and match with methods and intents that could be done with these).  Most of these I’ve tried, and items with and asterisk* have a full working written up (full disclosure, most, though not all, of these are Hellenic in nature).  Feel free to ask questions about any of them.

– Spoken charm to bless the tools you use for your work
– Using materials sacred to a deity associated with divination to increase your Sight with divination tools.*
– Toning for healing a physical ailment
– Blending ingredients to soothe a fussy or teething baby*
– Spoken charm to create a purification/grounding and centering stone (included below)
– Creating an amulet/magical object for prosperity*
– Knotwork to use as needed for wisdom and guidance*
– Talisman for protection of material goods*
– Spoken charm to bless mode of transportation (shoes, bike, car)
– Talisman for the protection of young children and/or mothers*
– Spirit arte to increase milk production for breast feeding (this was done each week)
– Spoken charm for canning food for the winter
– Use blessed waters to create a protective charm for the home* (this is renewed each month)
– Spirit arte for bardic inspiration
– Visualization of a ‘fetch’ to help during trance work
– Spoken charm with offerings to introduce a person to a deity and encourage a relationship to form*
– Carve a binding tablet to stop someone from bothering you (magical restraining order)
– Tea used for grounding and centering in a time of chaos

To wrap up, here is one of the workings I’ve done.  I’ve found this one particularly nice because I, like many people, find having a worry stone or fidget calming and centering.  The creation of this stone includes magical intent alongside that simple tactile form of self-soothing.
Creation of a Purifying Grounding/Centering Stone
Magic: Let the maelstrom strip away those things that are pulling in our unwanted attention.  Let the stone stand firm at the center of the swirling storm, and help us to maintain our own center.
– need a stone (or some other focus object), myrrh, and salt.
Poseidon, Earth Shaker, Wave Bringer:
You whose trident stirs the mighty maelstrom,
whose waters wash us clean in the storm.
I bring you this gift of salt for your realm, and myrrh for your delight
As I ask your aid in this working tonight.
You teach us of endurance and patience:
The calm in the raging storm.
You teach us of strength and perseverance:
The gates holding the Titans at bay.
You teach us of persistence and change:
The ebb and flow of the tides.
*each person takes stone, holds it at their center, and speaks:*
“Poseidon, may this stone mark my center,
Holding me firm and strong here within myself.
Let the whipping winds cyclone about me
Stripping away the miasma I carry.
Strip away the obstacles I put up in front myself.
Strip away the extraneous emotions and thoughts diminishing my focus.
Let me stand firm at the center,
Even though the storm may rage about me.
Though the maelstrom spins, I stand strong.
Like this stone, I stand firm upon the Earth:
Unshaking and unafraid.
Like this stone, I stand firm amidst the storm:
the waves breaking around me, the riptide passing me by.
Like this stone, I stand firm and strong
Here at my Center.”
Poseidon, Lord of the Deep,
Connect us to the foundations of the Earth
And help us to find peace and joy
in the blossoming waves of the storm.

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