Alliance with the Spirits of Fire

Breathe deep, finding your center. Let your body relax.  Breathe deep, feeling the tension drain from your shoulders. Breathe deep, feeling the tension drain from your face. Breathe deep, feeling the tensions drain from you arms and legs. Breathe deep, feeling the tension drain from your hands and feet. Breathe deep, and just be for a moment. 

Calm now, at peace and centered, see in your minds eye mists rolling in around you, the wisps licking across your skin and obscuring your vision. Allow yourself to exist for a moment in this liminal space, expanding and reaching out for clarity without seeing. 
A figure begins to solidify in the mists: it is Garanus Crane. See him standing before you in the shallows of the waters, ever-watchful. One foot upon the land, one foot in the water, eye raised towards the sky. This is the Crane you know. Go to him and reconnect before we begin our journey. 
Now go with Garanus as he leads you away into the darkness of the night.  You journey on until you glimpse in the distance a light. As you near it it grows and you see it is a flame, glowing and flickering with warmth and power. Garanus gives you a bag as you arrive at the edge of the firelight.  In it are offerings for the fire. You hold on to it, knowing you will need them later. As he waits at the edge of the firelight, standing ever watchful, you walk towards the flame. Find a comfortable place to sit by it. This is the fire of your hearth. The fire of your community. The fire of sacrifice. Let its glow wash over you. 
The colors of the fire ripple and dance in and out. See the spirits of the Fire as they reveal themselves. These are the spirits of your home, who cleanses and blesses your space. The spirits of your community who strengthen the ties amongst the Folk. The spirits of sacrifice, who carry your offerings to the gods. As you watch the spirits of the flames, see the colors dance in your mind’s eye. See the white hot spark of inspiration. See the warm orange glow of the burning hearth fire. See the bright yellow spirit of dance and joy. See the deep red glow of community. See the brilliant blue flame that is focused in the night. See the rippling black across the embers. See the shining lights of colors that only you have seen.  Listen to the crackle and pop of the fire as the spirits call out to you. 
*Brief Pause*
Now take up the bag of offerings that Garanus gave you and walk to the fire. See and hear the colored fire-spirit that calls to you, and give them these gifts. Be with this spirit as they take up your offerings, burning and consuming them. Feel their warmth as they come to you and dance around your limbs. Listen as they whisper their secrets to you, telling you of blessings and sharing their wisdom. As you take this time to commune with them, remember to ask for a name so that you may call them again, and what offerings they would prefer you give. Now: listen. 
*Begin sounds for trance journey work (240 bpm drumming) ~15min*
See now the fire dying down, still hot, but reaching its end. Be sure you have asked your fire spirit for a name so you can call on them again, and then bid them farewell. 
*Brief pause*
Step away from the flames and head back towards the edge of the firelight, where you see Garanus patiently waiting for you, and ready to carry you home. You go with him, back into the darkness, and journey on until you again reach the place of mists where the land, waters, and sky meet.  Thank Garanus Crane, and bid him farewell. 
*Brief pause*
See in your minds eye the mists thicken again, the wisps licking across your skin and obscuring your vision.  Breathe deep and become again aware of your hands and feet. Breathe deep and become again aware of your arms and legs. Breathe deep and become again aware of yourself. See the mists roll back as you again exist in this place. Open your eyes and reconnect to this space. 

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