Revisiting the Home Shrine Essay

One of the cool things about the Dedicant Path, it that because it is a Path, you can always walk it. I recently decided to revisit the Home Shrine essay, especially since we moved earlier this year, and it gave me a chance to really re-evaluate what components of my altar I feel are most essential. These were the last things I packed up, and the first things I got out. I’ve since settled, and have my altar completely set up again, in the heart of our home. Below is a recent picture of my altar, and my revisited essay:

Home Shrine
My home shrine seems to always have minor changes happening, based partly on the seasons, and partly on whatever work I’m currently doing (since I tend more towards working altar than shrine). Since we moved this year, I had the benefit of getting to completely reset it up. In our new house it is set into the kitchen wall, where the microwave is expected to go. I like it there a lot, since it’s in a prominent place in our home, where I have easy access to it every day. It is also nice that it is at just the right height for me, and because of the counter-top, my daughter can sit there when she joins me for prayers.

The things that stay consistently on my shrine are a small Hestia statue and her flame, a Poseidon statue, an Artemis plate that catches the ash from the burning incense, an offering bowl, and my Well and Tree/omphalos representations. Other things that rotate in and out of my shrine are a water scrying dish, my Greek Alphabet Oracle set, a lantern to house Hestia’s flame, a live plant, an antler and feathers, Crane representations, various candles, written prayers, and a request for healing list. Additionally, my stole and my initiate cords are always within easily reach of my altar.

I do have various nooks around the house that have small shrines set up, but aren’t part of my primary altar. One of these that is fairly permanent is an Ancestor shrine (this includes the Grove’s Ancestor Box when I’m tending it). I would like to eventually get the shelves in my bedroom back up, which would allow me to move my altar there. Though honestly, at this point, I’m not certain I will. I like having it in the middle of the house where my family can join me easily.

One thought on “Revisiting the Home Shrine Essay

  1. Revisiting our DP essays is a great idea. Reflection is such an important part of learning, as you know.

    A microwave nook is such a fantastic place for an altar! Thanks for sharing. I love, love, love seeing what other people do.

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