The *ghosti of Our Own Druidry

Five Gifts

Reciprocity is an essential component to walking the path of Our Own Druidry.  This is familiar to many of us in the context of ritual: we give gifts to the Spirits that we may build a relationship with them, and receive their gifts in turn.  This relationship of reciprocity is also important in how we interact with each other and with our community as a whole.  A healthy community is supported by the gifts of its folk so that it may then support each of those individuals.  There are many ways to engage in this *ghosti relationship.  Many ways to give, and many ways to receive.  We can give the Gift of Prayer.  We can give the Gift of Inspiration.  We can give the Gift of Community.  We can give the Gift of Wealth.  We can give the Gift of Service.  The more we strive to share these Gifts, the stronger our community will grow, and the more fulfilled we will be in Our Own Druidry.

The Gift of PrayerRta.  We maintain right action and right relationship with the Gods and Spirits.  It is important work to ensure that the proper sacrifices are made at the proper times.  We write liturgy and lead rituals.  We know the cycles and seasons, and we keep the High Days.  We pray on behalf of those who need and request it. When we commune with the Kindreds and engage in a *ghosti relationship with them, we are giving the Gift of Prayer and upholding the Work and Vision of Ár nDraíocht Féin.

The Gift of Inspiration– Lead others to the flame.  We give workshops and create teaching materials.  We do community outreach and explain our beliefs to the curious.  We welcome those seekers of the Old Ways into our path.  When we ignite the fire within others that they may walk the path of Our Own Druidry, we are giving the Gift of Inspiration and brightening the Work and Vision of Ár nDraíocht Féin.

The Gift of Community – One fire.  One hearth.  Our community with each other is what makes us strong.  We embody the spirit of Hospitality.  We can give the gift of community by being present and thoughtful in our online pagan communities, by attending and participating in our local pagan communities, and by being a listening ear and a sounding board to others in our community.  When we are consistently present in the lives of those practicing Our Own Druidry, we are giving the Gift of Community and being part of the Work and Vision of Ár nDraíocht Féin.

The Gift of Wealth – Wealth that is hoarded is not wealth at all.  This is a common theme across our Indo-European Hearth Cultures.  When we give of our wealth, our tangible resources, we are manifesting the essence of “movable wealth.”  Do ut des.  “I give so that you may give” means that as we give in support of our community, they in turn will be able to give in support of us.  When we give of our monetary resources, we are giving the Gift of Wealth and supporting the Work and Vision of Ár nDraíocht Féin.

The Gift of Service– Everyone in ADF is an expert at something.  Everyone has a talent or skill that can benefit others.  Sharing our special knowledge and our time is something that everyone can do.  There are many tasks in the work of Our Own Druidry that just require someone to donate their time, or their specific skill set, to see a task through.  We help set-up and tear-down ritual space.  We organize potlucks and take dishes home to wash.  We schedule and attend meetings.  We hold an office in a grove or subgroup.  We review coursework.  When we share our talents and our time, we are giving the Gift of Service and contributing to the Work and Vision of Ár nDraíocht Féin.

Five Gifts: Prayer, Inspiration, Community, Wealth, and Service.  These are ways that we can give of ourselves to support the Work and Vision of Ár nDraíocht Féin.  In sharing these things we will find that we are given great blessings in return as our community is strengthened, we are valued and supported, and the path of Our Own Druidry is brightened.

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