November Prayers: Day 2

My Day 2 #prayeraday for #nanowrimo is to one of my spirit allies I’ve met in my clergy and initiate trance work.  As much as we’ve worked closely together for somewhere around two and half years now, I’ve never felt the need to get formal with names.  In writing this, I’m feeling like I may need to ask what he’d prefer to be called, because it sounds silly and irreverent when I don’t really mean it to be.  Then again, maybe that’s okay too.  He is a bit impish in his wisdom and demeanor.
Pinpricks of light spark in the night sky.
I see you, many dancing spirits.
Falling to the earth, in brilliant streams of silver.
I see you, in your solitary glory, racing for the earth.
Alighting upon the land to dance atop the stones,
to dance atop the Mound.
In a burst of flame, dancing and flowing,
I see you, your impact spreading like wildfire across the land.
Strange and alien, fiery streak,
with your watery blue flesh belying the heat of your skin,
trailing a flickering path of crimson and gold
smoothing your way across the bosom of the mother.
Your tentacles make eye contact with me as you flow in my direction.
Slug of Fire, I welcome your presence in my life,
Just as I welcome your wisdom in my Work.
Be with me as I continue my journey.

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