Power of the Forge Attunement

I wrote this attunement for our Imbolc rite last year.  It was requested that we do a “convection” attunement.  I like these because it work the way science does, with heat rising and cold falling.

Children of Earth, breathe deep, and relax into your body.  As you do so, focus on the fire burning bright here at our Center.  Breathe in, and let your awareness sink into that flame.  Breathe in, and let everything but the flame fade away.  Breathe in, and feel the warmth from that flame emanate and sink into your bones.

Now, with your Vision Eye, see that flame grow brighter and hotter, hotter and brighter.  Breathe in, and see the rippling of the air as the heat emanates.  This is the flame of a forge, a flame from the deep fires of the Earth.  Let its heat fill you.  Feel it caressing your skin.  Feel it warming your bones.  As you stand close to the flame of the forge, feel the ground around you heating up.  As you feel that heat in your feet, let your awareness follow it down.  Down through the bedrock, and into the mantle and core of the Earth.  The forge connecting to those fires deep within the earth.  Breathe in, and sink deeper into the earth, moving from the red, to orange, to yellow, to white-hot heat.  Feel your body heating, and now rise with the heat as it travels back up to the forge.  Up from the core and the mantle of the Earth, up through the bedrock, bringing its heat to fortify the forge.  As the forge is heated and fortified, so too, are you.

Now, as the heat from the forge continues to rise, allow your awareness to follow it up, into the coolness of the winter air around you.  Breathe in, and see with your Vision Eye the heat dissipating as it rises.  Breathe out, and see the frost crystalizing in front of you.  As you continue to rise into the frigid cold of the atmosphere, feel your body maintaining the core of its heat, even while your skin prickles from the chill around you.  Breathe in, and continue to rise up to the cloak of stars, allowing the inky darkness to wrap around you.  Feel the stars, like snowflakes, against your skin.  With this cloak of stars wrapped about you, the chill on your skin contrasting sharply with the warmth of your core, feel yourself now sinking back through the atmosphere with the cold.  As the cold continues to sink down you feel it reaching the rising heat of the forge.

As the chill of the dark, winter sky meets with the heat of the deep fires of the earth, the air swirls in eddies that mix and mingle.  Allow the chill to follow you back down to the forge and settle into the quenching bucket.  Once more focus on the heat of the earth, emanating from the forge, and allow it to fill your body.  Feel yourself heating and heating, your core once again warming out through your skin.  Feel the dross rising to the surface of your skin, and sloughing off as you are purified in flame.  Feel yourself become malleable, and focus your attention for a moment on preparing yourself to enter sacred space.  Now shift your attention to that cloak of stars filling the quench bucket, and allow yourself to plunge into it.  Hear the sizzle as you are rapidly cooled, shaped and ready for the work ahead.  As you have been heated, purified, shaped, and quenched, allow your awareness to come back to this space here.  See the flame once again before you, here on our altar, and know you are ready.


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