Messages from the Mists

Hi everyone. I’m going to be trying something a little different in order to serve you, my folk, in these times of crisis. We’re physically separated, but in that, we can still seek connection with each other, and find solace in the messages the spirits have for us. To that end I’ll be posting every few days/week or so with some divination read through a different lens each time. My hope is that this will give us a way to feel connected to the spirits, to each other, and an opportunity to take their wisdom and blessings into ourselves.

I’m hoping to get the first episode up in the next day or two, and it’ll be free over on my Patreon ( After this first one, my Patrons will get access to them a few days early, they’ll all be available for free to everyone after that. (If you’re able, I’d love your support over there).

So, I invite you to join me in this experience of connection, and I hope that you’ll find a new way to connect to the spirits and the divine, and perhaps be inspired to understand life in a new or different way, letting your actions reflect that understanding.

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