Animal Crossing Druid Rite

Y’all, I’m kind of ridiculously excited about this. So, I play Animal Crossing, a really relaxing life simulator game from Nintendo, and you have the ability to decorate your island with all different kinds of furniture and your clothes with custom designs. So, of course I made a Sacred Nemeton on my game, and myself a robe and stole.

Animal Crossing Druid

And now I’ve decided that I’m hosting a virtual Druid Rite via the multiplayer aspect of the game. So on Sunday, 8 people will be able to join me on my island for a full ritual, celebrating community and fellowship. While I don’t have the tech yet, Rev. Dangler is in the process of trying to help me get set up to stream a rite in the near future. That would mean anyone could attend, even if their character couldn’t physically be present on my island.

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