Five Years a Priest

As of this past weekend I’ve been an ADF Priest for 5 years.  It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.  The journey has been wonderful thus far, though definitely with its ups and downs.  Sometimes this priesting thing is hard 😉.  I like to occasionally reflect on the things that I’m doing, and decided this would be a good time to kind of do a round up of my accomplishments. As I was compiling this list two things occurred to me: first, I’ve done a lot of stuff in five years, and second, there’s a lot of things that can’t go on this list of big accomplishments because they are the small, everyday priest-work that I do.

So, things I’ve accomplished by my 5 year Priestiversary:

  • Started the Prayer a Day Project, a daily prayer writing challenge for the month of November
  • Completed 2nd Circle studies and have become a Consecrated Priest.
  • Wrote “The Spiraling Sun”, a winter solstice ritual tradition book
  • Co-authored “The Hearthkeepers Way”, a beginning book on the practice of ADF Druidry
  • Fully revamped the ADF Initiate Path, including updated coursework, a supplemental website, good classroom integration, and implementation of a mentorship program
  • Updated the ADF Magicians Guild Study Program, to include new courses, new resources, and practicum exercises
  • Wrote and led two ADF Unity rites at festivals (Harvest Nights and Summerland)
  • Workshops given at every festival I’ve attended (and wasn’t involved in the planning of)
  • Helped organize a festival
  • Wrote and led many rites of passage including weddings, funerals, baby & parent blessings, first day of school rites, trauma reintegration rites, among others. 
  • Wrote and/or led various High Day and Moon rites
  • Completion of continuing education courses external to ADF to further my work, vocation, and expertise as a priest
  • Served as a mentor to many people, helping them through difficult times or providing insight, encouragement, and advice through their own studies. 
  • started a Patreon to help break even on the costs involved in priesting

After reflecting I think it’s also good to look at what is to come.  To see what goals there are for the future.  I do have some projects I’m currently working on:  

  • Involvement in establishing a mentorship program for ADFs Clergy Training Program
  • Writing a book with a full year of children’s pagan religious education 
  • Writing a book on Family Religious Traditions through the Wheel of the Year
  • Writing a book on the Greek Alphabet Oracle, including trance inductions for each symbol
  • Create a religious award for Druids in Scouting programs

Beyond that, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that there is always more priest work to go around. I’m looking forward to the next 5 years and more.

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