Revisiting the Dedicant Path

Our grove has started up with a new Dedicant Path study group, and I while advising I thought it would be a good opportunity to revisit my own Dedicant Path work.  After all, this is a path, and the Dedicant Path is only a snapshot of where you are on that path at that time.  

I think there is value in revisiting the work occasionally, particularly because your practice changes, you learn new things, and the way this work is structured it encourages self-reflection.  This week, in fact, the homework is a series of reflection questions that I’m wandering my way through answering.

The grove’s study group is using Rev. Dangler’s Dedicant Path Through the Wheel of the Year, so there is weekly work to do.  I may end up skipping weeks here and there, but my intent is to engage as much as possible with the reflective work.  Part of that reflective work will be reading what I had initially written for my Dedicant Path, and writing more comparatively based on that.  I’m hoping that I will reinvigorate my own personal practice, which has hit a bit of a wall recently (a global pandemic will do that, I suppose, so I’m trying to be gentle with myself about it).  I’m not sure what new information I will learn, but I’m fairly certain I’ll learn more about myself by undertaking this work again.  

When I look at the requirements themselves, I am still intimidated by the book reviews, even after all this time.  Throughout all of my study program work I’ve been much more interested in the practicum-based endeavors and questions.  I suspect I will have a hard time reading the books and staying focused enough to engage with them.  Overall, the reflection work throughout seems fairly easy.  It’s mostly writing down what I’m doing.  Though like I said, I’m hoping this will reinvigorate my practice, and I may make some changes as we go to see if certain practices will fit better into my life right now.

* * * * * * * * *

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