A Prayer in light of Roe v Wade decision

I know that lots of folks are feeling scared right now with the overturning of Roe v Wade, and the knowledge that more revocation of basic human rights may be on the horizon. And so I offer up these words for those in need. May they bring you comfort. I am here for you.

With the news today,
With the fear, pain, and anger
that many are rightfully feeling,
With the threat to the rights of women
and those with a uterus,
Let us remember our community bonds.
Together, we are strong.
Together, we have resources.
Together, we have a voice.
We can look to our Ancestors,
for they have walked this path before.
We can look to our Deities,
for they know our hearts and our needs.
Remember their love.
Remember their support.
Let us be there for each other,
and hold each other in love.
Words of above prayer on a diffused image of a sunrise

As a church, as well as personally as a priest, we stand behind each person’s right to be the ruler of their own body. Our bodies are sacred, and there is a limit to the power a government, or anyone else, has over our bodies. Our traditions are full of strong and independent deities that demonstrate this to us. We understand how easy it would be, once we hand over a part of our body autonomy, for more to be taken from us. We will stand for the freedom of a person to make the choice about their bodies for themselves. No part of someone’s body should be ruled by someone else.

— In Love and Sovereignty,
Rev. Jan Avende

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