VAD Quarterly Report (Aug 2022)

If you are not the officer who reported last quarter, give details of when and why the change occurred: ADF elections occurred for the VAD position this year, and I took office on May 1.

Activities performed in the previous quarter:

This first quarter on the Mother Grove has been getting acclimated to the Board of Directors and the tasks that they take on. I have been learning what the meetings look like, and the kind of business we conduct. The VAD does not seem to have any explicitly designated tasks other than “if the AD should be no longer able to serve, the VAD assumes those responsibilities.” Part of this first quarter for me has been figuring out where my skill set will be put to the best use for the membership. One thing in particular that I’ve taken on is creating infographics to explain what is being discussed on the Mother Grove. This should help to increase transparency by putting what we’re doing out there in an accessible format that will reach more people.

With the new website reaching its final stages before launch, I’ve volunteered to start an ADF blog that will be a hub for information on the public facing side of the website. All members will be welcome to share content, and we’ll publish on a regular basis (probably weekly to begin with). 

I have also started conversations with Rev. Thomas as we begin to evaluate study programs. This initial phase is asking the sub groups to look through their current programs, evaluate the goals of their program, and see what pre-requisites, if any, they may require. The goal here is to move the first circle of guild and kin study programs out from under the Dedicant Path, to better engage the membership. 

On a more personal level, some of my other ADF and clergy responsibilities have been coordinating the workshops for the upcoming Summerland festival, as well as helping with various other planning tasks there. I have also continued to create content of a pagan nature and post it publicly across various social media platforms. Additionally, I have continued my regular clergy tasks such as pastoral care, writing prayers and liturgy as needed, and serving as a priest in my grove.

Planned activities for the next quarter:

In the upcoming quarter I am hoping to get the new ADF blog up and running as quickly as possible after the new website is launched. Members should stay tuned for information on how to submit posts. I also plan on coordinating with NOD Jacque to see how we can leverage the ADF Newsletter and Blog together for best effect.

I will also be attending both the Summerland and Harvest Nights festivals. I am excited for these to be in person this year, and continue to support the various regional festivals. At Summerland in particular I am in charge of planning the main rite, during which Rev. Missy Ashton will be elevated to Senior Priest. 

I will also continue to write, both for Oak Leaves and my personal blog work, in the coming quarter, as well as keep up with all my other regular clergy tasks. Additionally, much of the work started this quarter will continue into the future, including continuing to make announcements on behalf of the MG and ADF in a way that is easier for members to access, continuing to work with Rev. Thomas on the updating of our study programs (particularly as it relates to migrating them over to our new LMS).

Other comments or information, personal summary of events, etc:

I’d encourage members that to contact me if you have any questions or concerns relating to our practice of Druidry or how the MG is operating in general. I will do my best to either answer your questions or point you towards someone who can. I’m also happy to just chat generally about what is going on in your spiritual life. I love connecting over our common practices and interests. Please email me ( or to ensure that your message reaches me and gets put into my workflow, rather than getting lost in the aether of the internet 😉

Also, a reminder that you can always see past reports from all Mother Grove officers here:

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