Divination Spread: Yearly Forecast & Year Overview

I offered discounted divination readings at the beginning of this year, and I thought y’all may appreciate seeing the layouts I designed for this, as well as their explanations.  I’ve found the first one to be more useful for a “big picture” look at the year, and the second to be better for looking at the details of each month.

If you use it yourself, I’d love feedback on it, and if you’d like to schedule a divination reading you can check out my Clergy Services I offer.

Yearly Overview Spread

a picture of the layout to show placement for cards as described below

Layout Explanation

In this spread, the first symbol pulled is what your focus for the year will be that will help you to have the most successful and fulfilling year possible.  This can take the form of something akin to a “word of year”, or take the form of a lesson that you will keep coming back to.

The next symbol is the Biggest Obstacle, which is laid crossed over the Focus for the year.  This symbol represents the thing that will consistently try to get in the way your success and fulfillment. The way it presents itself may change throughout the year, but some aspect of it will be present.  The 4 Seasons advice cards will help to zero in on the subtleties of the Obstacle.

The next four symbols are drawn around from Winter through Autumn.  Each symbol has some piece of advice to offer in order to overcome the Obstacle.  This advice can help clarify what difficulties you’ll experience in each season, and may also indicate what you should leave behind from the previous season.

Year Ahead Spread

a spreadsheet layout to show placement for cards as described below

Layout Explanation

The first four symbols/cards drawn represent the upcoming four seasons.  These are both time markers, as well as an overarching focus for the season.  It may take the form of a guiding principle, a goal, a piece of wisdom or advice, or a warning (forewarned is forearmed).

The symbols/cards are then mixed/shuffled again prior to drawing the details for each season.  The details are divided into Physical, Material, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.

Physical refers to both your physical body as well as physical pursuits.  The first often encompasses physical activity or fitness (such as sports, hiking, dancing, walking/running), your relationship with food/drink, sex, and overall physical health.  The second often encompasses things like hobbies & leisure activities (such as reading, art & crafting (non-spiritual), gardening, journaling & writing, games)

Material refers to the kind of assets you can literally touch or experience.  This includes things like money and financial stability, physical possessions, housing and the ways to make it comfortable, as well as travel (whether it be regular outings to social gatherings, or larger vacations).

Mental refers to the more intellectual pursuits.  This includes both formal education as well as self-taught learning (skills, languages, etc).  It also encompasses your job or career.

Emotional refers to the more nebulous things that affect our emotional and mental well-being.  This included things like relationships with others (family, friends, lovers, social groups), but also our relationship with ourselves (personal goals, self-love, boundary setting, mental health).

Spiritual not only refers to things that are traditionally spiritual or religious (magic, art & music, spirit/divine relationships, devotional work & prayer), but also to things that allow us to better ourselves and our communities (mindfulness, reflection, activism, social justice, causes).

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