Indra Wins the Waters

“Indra Wins the Waters”

This playlet was written for the children’s programming for
Three Cranes Grove 2015 Spring Equinox Ritual honoring Indra.
Lexile: 680L (late 3rd grade, early 4th grade reading level) 
OFFICIANT: The person who is doing the Return Flow portion of the Ritual
INDRA: The Vedic Storm God
VRTRA: The Dragon
CELEBRANTS: The folk at the ritual
STORM-BRINGERS: sounds of the storm (can be the same as the CELEBRANTS if needed)
Optional Cast:
DRAGONS: Vrtra’s family
SACRED COWS: to represent the Waters and Blessings
*following the Seer’s pronouncement of a positive Omen*
OFFICIANT: These are indeed good omens.
OFFICIANT: But you should know that until Indra won the Waters for us, we could not have received these blessings because Vrtra the Dragon hoarded them all for himself and his family.
OFFICIANT: Here is Vrtra now, and he is holding onto [omen], [omen], and [omen]. 
VRTRA: These gifts are mine! All mine!
OFFICIANT: But the people wanted the blessings too, and they knew only the mighty Indra could help them now.  So they called out with one voice: “Indra, Give us the Waters!”
CELEBRANTS: Indra! Give us the Waters!
OFFICIANT: Listen: Do you hear him coming?  Here comes Indra the Storm-Bringer!
*STORM-BRINGERS shake noisemakers as Indra enters the stage*
OFFICIANT: In the thundering clouds with his lightning bolt in hand, Indra demands:
INDRA: Vrtra! You have to share the blessings!
OFFICIANT: Vrtra roars mightily and retorts:
VRTRA: No! These gifts are mine! All mine!
OFFICIANT: And the people knew Vrtra was going to hold onto those gifts of [omen], [omen], and [omen] with all of his might.  So they again called out: “Indra! Give us the Waters!”
CELEBRANTS: Indra! Give us the Waters!
OFFICIANT: And Indra heard their plea and prepared to do whatever was necessary to win the waters for the people.  He again shouted to Vrtra:
INDRA: Vrtra! You have to share the blessings!
OFFICIANT: But Vrtra again roared his denial and shrieked:
VRTRA: No! These gifts are mine! All mine!
OFFICIANT: Indra grew angry that Vrtra wouldn’t share the blessings with everyone, and as his anger grew, so too did the sound of the storm.
*STORM-BRINGERS shake noisemakers*
OFFICIANT: The people knew now was the moment.  Now was the time to give Indra all their support.  And so they called out one final time: “Indra! Give us the Waters!”
CELEBRANTS: Indra! Give us the Waters!
OFFICIANT: The storm rumbled as Indra went into battle with the mighty Vrtra, his lightning bolt held high.  With a flash he struck down Vrtra with his lightning bolt.  The Dragon bellowed as he fell.
OFFICIANT: The waters, the blessings, the gifts were now free.  The mighty Indra won them away from Vrtra the Dragon and brought them to us.  
*INDRA brings Waters to OFFICIANT*
OFFICIANT: These Waters are infused with the blessings of [omen], [omen], and [omen].  “Behold! The Waters of Life!”
OFFICIANT: As these Waters are poured out for each of us, remember how they were won for us, and how we sing the praises of the Storm God who won them. 
OFFICIANT: See how the gifts of [omen], [omen], and [omen] can flow into our lives.  See how they can flow into our grove.  See how they can flow into our community.  See how you and the world can be renewed and rejuvenated by these Waters so courageously won and freely given.
OFFICIANT: Drink deep, Children of Earth, and be blessed!

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