Making Sacred Ink

For the Full Moon honoring Hepheastos, the Smith God and Crafter, we will be making ink from the ashes left from our burnt offerings and the Waters gained the Return Flow.  This ink can then be used focusing the intent for other magical work, from sigil work to staining divination tools to spelled tablets or prints.
Items Needed:
1 part ash from burnt offerings
1 part water from Return Flow
1 drop white vinegar (optional for ink stability)
bowl that can be stained (for mixing)
hard-bristled brush (for mixing)
To being mixing the ink put the ash in the bowl, add the water.  Each person participating in the working will stir and mix the ink with the brush while saying the charm below (the charm can then also be said when reconstituting the mixture or making more).  When it looks like ink, mix in a drop of vinegar, and you’re done.
Great and Mighty Hephaestos, Master of the Tempering Flame
Sooty God, who is famed in many crafts,
Renowned metal-smith and skillful worker,
Inventive and Resourceful One,
Your fame and glory resound with each strike of your hammer on anvil.
I have made offerings, consumed by the Fire.
My gifts have risen on smokey pillar to the Heavens above.
All that remains here is charcoal and ash.
Take what is left, Skillful Creator,
Take the leavings, the forgotten, the dross
And guide my hands in finding use for this too.
Now mix your magic with mine
as I seek to create tools from the discarded.
Ash from the Sacred Fire,
   *put ash in the bowl*
Water from the Holy Well,
   *put water in the bowl*
Bound now together as I chant these words:
   *begin stirring and mixing as you chant.  repeat as necessary until it is well mixed*
Aithaloeis Theos! Sooty Hephaestos!
Grant me your skill as I mix this ash!
Polymetis! Resourceful Hepheastos!
Grant me your skill as I mix this ash!
Klytoteknes! Famed in Crafting Hepheastos!
Grant me your skill as I mix this ash!
Polyphron! Ingenius and Inventive Hephaestos!
Grant me your skill as I mix this ash!
   *once ink is made, add drop of vinegar if desired to stabilize the mixture*
With this ink thus created
Let me not forget the power of sacrifices made.
Let me not forget the power of Hepheastos, the Crafter,
In his ability to create powerful tools
From even those things considered useless or waste.
With this ink, I may now focus my intent for future tasks.

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