Introduction to a New Deity

An important part of our relationship with the deities revolves around *ghosti and hospitality.  Part of hospitality is a politeness when you are first meeting someone.  A good way to meet new people is through mutual friends, and having one introduce you to the other.  This is similar to the way a relationship with a deity can develop. A devotee, or someone else who has familiarity with a deity can act as a liaison or intermediary to help forge a new bond.
This is structured to allow the devotee to call out to the deity and honor them with words and offerings, and then to introduce them to the new person who wishes to work with them.  They use their personal authority to encourage the deity that as they make offerings, there are others who also wish to do so.  The new person then speaks, and makes their first offering to the deity, asking them to come to them and begin to grow that bond so that they may continue to worship the deity.
[Deity], hear me!
[insert appropriate invocation and words of praise]

[Deity], I come here on behalf of [person].

They wish to develop a relationship with you,
And come bearing gifts.
As I have worked with you, honored you, and praised you,
I ask now that you turn your attention to [person].
They wish to work with you, honor you, and praise you.
[Deity], I am [name],
and I come with gifts for you.
*make offering*
Come to me so that we get to know each other
and so that I may work with you, honor you, and praise you.

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