Trance-Along: Finding a Shared Space

We’ve decided to begin trying to build a shared space for the Trance SIG in ADF.  We are to looking for keys, or images, or signs that will help us to identify and create a shared space for our trance work.  Our first trance-along journey was done during this past new moon (and the day on either side of it).  The idea is to do trance-work as a group like this once a month during this time.

Here’s my write-up from this inaugural trance along with the Trance SIG.  In general it was very restless feeling, and an unusual landscape for me (I usually don’t go underground, or to places that are particularly dry.  This was both.  So, here we go:

In a desert landscape full of sandy soil and thigh-high and sharp grasses.  It felt very alien and unfamiliar.  I feel like I spent a lot of time wandering aimlessly through the grasses, without wanting to touch them.  Sometimes traveling by walking, and sometimes traveling by burrowing through the sandy soil.  It was surprisingly easy to dig through and allowed the forming of intricate tunnels and burrows. The burrows and tunnels seemed to stretch on infinitely, like I could spend a very long time exploring them, and digging more to get to where I need to go.  There were scratched symbols at some of the places where tunnels split, but I couldn’t make out any exact symbols.  I felt extremely comfortable in the tunnels.

Oddly, whenever I went underground I could just barely catch hints of what sounded like 8-bit video game music.  (Weird).  When I came up from the burrows I could see the sky.  Dark dark black, with way fewer starts that I expected to see in comparison to how dark the sky was.  They were very bright white pinpricks.  Some were very static in there place, and some were little splashes of swirling pinpricks.  The sky is very heavy.  Feels almost crushing.  Like I don’t want to be out in the open for too long.

Later in the trance there were little cyclones touching down in the grass and sand.  Small, little whirlwinds that were making shallow holes where the touched down, and spitting up bits of grit and sand.  They didn’t seem to be traveling at all, but rather touching down, remaining in place for a while, and then dissipating.

Most of the landscape felt very abandoned.  At three separate instances there were horses, or maybe some form of very large deer?  They clearly used to be domesticated, but weren’t so much anymore and were trying to return to being wild, but weren’t quite there yet.  The horses just ran across the landscape, close to me, maybe 2 or 3 arms lengths away. Just into my field of visions and out again.  Alone each time.  It was like they were trying to rung rom something, but not with fear, and were also trying to get somewhere, and with a very distinct and purposeful gait.

There was also something prowling and rustling in the grasses, circling around me.  I suspect this was my Lynx friend, but she didn’t show herself, which is unusual for her when I’m doing journey work, especially to new places.  So that was weird.

Anyways, that’s what I got.  I could see either exploring the tunnel further or perhaps following the paths the horses took, since they seem to be cutting throughout he grasses and making the way less treacherous.

For reference, I use polyrhythmic auditory confusion as my go-to method for entering trance.

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