Clergy Skills & Strengths

One of the things we now have on the ADF website is a listing of the various skills, strengths, and services that each priest can provide.  The idea is to provide members a way to connect to a priest who can meet their needs when they require various services, particularly when they don’t have a local group or don’t know any priests personally.

I created my listing, and thought I’d share it here as well.

Rev. Jan Avende – ADF Clergy & Initiate (contact me at for help or more information)

  1. Advanced Seer
    1. Can provide help learning seership techniques common to all methods of sortilege (runes, tarot, ogham, etc.)
    2. Can provide help learning seership techniques common to oracular divination
    3. Can provide in-depth readings and advanced insight using the Greek Alphabet Oracle
  1. Advanced Spiritworker
    1. Can lead meaningful trance journeys for a variety of audiences using various trance induction techniques
    2. Can assist in writing scripts for successful trance journeys
    3. Can assist in initiating, developing, or troubleshooting diety and other spirit relationships
    4. Can trance journey on your behalf to contact spirits or problem-solve spiritual problems
    5. Can help you create an effective magical working for you to perform on your own
    6. Can perform magic on your behalf for a variety of purposes
  1. Experienced Liturgist
    1. Can assist in writing effective High Day rites, lunar rites, and meaningful devotionals
    2. Can provide scripts and templates for High Days and lunar rites
    3. Can provide prayers on a variety of topics
    4. Can pray for you for a variety of reasons
  1. Rites of Passage
    1. Can work with you and provide scripts and templates for a variety of Rites of Passage (including weddings, funerals, memorials, parent and baby blessings, gender claimings, coming of age, etc)
    2. Can officate/lead important rites of passage for you (including weddings, funerals, memorials, parent and baby blessings, gender claimings, coming of age, etc)
  1. Pagan Parenting
    1. Can share personal experience raising pagan children and navigating the various challenges that come with that (including how to pray with children around, how to involve children in a family practice, and providing resources for school regarding your families religious beliefs)
    2. Can help develop a children’s education program for your grove or small group
  1. Experienced Bard
    1. Can point you in the direction of songs for various needs, both in an out of ritual.
    2. Can provide recordings and lyrics to a variety of songs
    3. Can write songs for specific needs and purposes
    4. Can write stories for use in rituals or children’s programming
    5. Can write poems and invocations for various ritual purposes
  1. College education at the Ohio State University: Bachelors Degree (major in English, minor in German); Masters Degree (Grades 7-12 English Langauge Arts Education)
    1. Can provide help conducting research, writing study program responses, or learning how to cite your sources using MLA citation format
  1. Experienced middle and high school teacher
    1. Can provide help navigating and developing online course that meet best practice standards for adult learners
    2. Can explain complex ADF (and other religious) concepts in an accessible way

I do charge for many of these services, but generally work on a sliding scale.  Additionally, members of my grove, as well as supporters of my Patreon, receive significant discounts.  Here’s some basic price points for common services:

Service Fee
Weddings $300
Wedding Paperwork Only $50
Funeral $100
Rite of Passage $150
House Blessing $50
Baby Blessing $80
Parent Blessing $80
Divination $60
Magic Consultation $60
Personalized Prayer & Image $30
Misc Hourly Rate $40/hr


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