New Website on ADF Liturgy Concepts

So a thing I’ve been working on ADF Initiate Preceptor is getting our courses modernized.  To that end I’ve now got the initiate version of Liturgy 1 up and running in Google Classrooms, and one of the things I made to go with it is a supplemental website that contains useful information when working through the course.

I thought it would be helpful for folks across the board who are looking for ways to understand ADF’s liturgy more in-depth, in particular if you’re working on another of ADF’s Study Programs. Caveat, that Initiate’s Liturgy 1 is slightly different than the other Liturgy 1 courses that are out there, so our information is geared that direction, and currently the Reviewer Guidelines only apply officially to the Initiate Program, not the other Study Programs (since I don’t have the purview beyond the Initiate Path).
But, here it is, and I hope it helps!
If you’ve got questions, I’m happy to answer them!


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